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Kal’L – “Letter From My Ex”

by Miracle
(Photo By Kal’L)


Been flooding the site with all types of new Hip-Hop lately. So decided to take a little detour and offer some new R&B to the readers. Meet local singer/songwriter Kal’L. He first came to the attention of the site via his appearance on a local online radio show. Kal’L got into music at an early age via his father. His mother quickly saw his talent and passion for the art form. So she got him into piano lessons and singing in the church. During the 90’s, Kal’L found his own lane via inspiration from harmonious acts such as N Sync and the rest is history.

Currently, Kal’L is on a campaign where he is releasing new music for his fans every two weeks. The latest being a track called “Letter From My Ex.” This song was written and performed by Kal’L himself. It was engineered by Traxx of TrakRunnaz. The production here is charming. It includes a piano, delicate musical ingredients, and an upbeat tempo. The hook is solid. The vocals have a pleasant tone to them. However, the higher parts could have been made a little stronger. They seem to kind of drop off and sound incomplete. The lyrics are simple. The verses are adequate. Kal’L has smooth vocals at work and inviting lyrics. He takes the listener through the complicated emotions of realizing that an ex still has interest in him. Notable lines include: “I love the irony. Funny how life can be. Cause when I offered her my love she disregarded me. But now it’s plain to see that she’s been missing me. I’d be a fool to go back to that just cause of a letter.” Honest sentiment being reflected in those lines. Overall, this song is decent. Iron out the issues with the high notes, make the lyrics a little deeper, and it would be perfect.

 **My Two Cents: This was a likable song. I dig the concept a lot and Kal’L has a good voice. Also, the production had an appealing groove to it. If interested, readers can check out more of Kal’L’s music via his Reverb Nation page. He can also be found online via his website. His next release drops tonight at midnight. So be sure to check back tomorrow for the new music. -MinM

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