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Rest In Peace: Chris Lighty (May 8, 1968 – August 30, 2012)

by Miracle

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Guest Pen Author: Son Em’ All

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The Hip-Hop world took a devastating blow last Thursday with the passing of Violator Records & Primary Violator co-founder Chris Lighty. Mr. Lighty was known to be the management force behind big names such as Busta Rhymes, Mariah Carey, and 50 Cent. He was also the business man behind major record deals, multi-million dollar endorsement deals, movie roles, and more. Reports say that the mogul was found dead at his Bronx apartment with a gunshot wound to the head after an alleged argument with his wife. It was additionally reported  that he was dealing with some serious debt via Federal and State taxes. His death is being called a suicide at this time but further investigations are still pending.

Chris Lighty got his start in the business by carrying crates and assisting DJ Red Alert. From there, he was hired by Rush Management, Here he learned the in and outs of the business from Russell Simmons and Lyor Cohen. By the 1990’s, Violator was born and the rest is history. He named the company as a nod to his old stomping grounds and peers in the Bronx. He would go on to lend his expertise to several different record labels over the years, like Def Jam for example. One of his most recent business deals was a merger with company Primary Wave which resulted in his branding company Primary Violator.

Chris Lighty is survived by his wife Veronica and two children. In New York, at press time for us, the funeral was said to have been as crowded as a packed nightclub. It took place at Frank E. Campbell Funeral Chapel on Madison Avenue. The who’s who in music and entertainment were in attendance to pay their respects to the pioneer. They continue to pay their respects via social media sites and song tributes as well.

**Son Em’s Take: It’s always too soon, my respects to the Lighty family. For as much as we’ve gained from great minds, we’ve lost so much more. -Son Em’ 365

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