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RTystic, Seismic, & Mammyth – Channel 3 (Album Review)

by Miracle

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Channel 3 (listen/download)

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“Hitchhikers” (video review)

Since Channel 3 dropped last month, it has a been a highly buzzed about album. Hip-Hop heads just can’t seem to get enough of SAFS Crew affiliates: RTystic, Seismic, & Mammyth. The project makes for the Milwaukee trio’s debut release. Here is what was shared about the LP: “When you think of Channel 3, what comes to mind? Video-games and movies? It’s the channel that broadcasts whatever you want to see/hear. (…) The album offers a Hip-Hop sound with heavy electronic influences, production sounding like a mixture between 8-bit video-games and Flying Lotus, and lyrical content similar to A Tribe Called Quest (Press Release).” Top all of that off with guest appearances by respected Milwaukee artists like: Dana Coppa, Klassik, Sypher Lady X, etc; and one can’t help but to be curious about what Channel 3 has in store. Get a sample of what to expect after the break.

“A Word From Our Sponsors”

The production here is exemplary. It is made up of a subtle bass, old school gaming sound effects, and a hip vibe. The hook is fly and dominates the track. The delivery is captivating and the lyrics are interesting. There is only one section with a verse but it features both Seismic and RTystic doing their thing. Each emcee comes with a proper flow, fine wordplay, and dope rhymes. They provide an excellent example of the talent that exists in the SAFS Crew camp. Noteworthy lines include: “N—as trying to hit a lick. Cause they be on some sucka s–t. I ain’t on no sucka s–t. I don’t want no parts in it. You can find me hovering. On my flying saucer s–t. Don’t know where I’m covering. Often lost in thought and s–t. Won’t even be a memory and that is so unfortunate.” Slick rhyming going on right there. Overall, this is a valid song that’s worth a few listens.


The production here is full. The varying instrumentation, futuristic elements, and mid-tempo pace give the listener’s ear plenty to take in. It all goes really well together though.  The hook is enticing. The delivery is steady and the lyrics are eccentric. The verses are a success. Seismic and RTystic execute crisp flows, good wordplay, and skilled rhymes. The duo maintain a clever back and forth fashion that keeps things intriguing. Some lines worth checking out are: “This the part in the movie where you take me to your leader. Deciphering the cyphers might make you a believer. Ratings off the meter. Independence day renegade. Whole planet in amazement when we in the fray.” Unconventional yet quality spitting contained in those lines. All in all, this is a solid track.

“Flux” F/ Sypher Lady X

The production here is nice. It is comprised of a slow tempo, gentle musical components, and a calm vibe. The hook is pleasant. Lady X has smooth vocals and the lyrics are deep. The verses are thought provoking. Seismic and RTystic bring spotless flows and intellectual rhymes. They draw the listener in by sharing their reflections on life in a down to earth manner. Standout lines include: “Wind at my neck feeling Winter in December. Zip my jacket lift the chin up. Staring at my breath in the cold air. Feeling like a lotto ticket winner. Cause these lungs breath life to songs. And these songs pave way for growth beyond. Collab with good weed. I light the bong. And know that hood life ain’t life for long.” Great lyrical ability being displayed in these lines. In the end, this song is a hit and the favorite off of the album.

**My Two Cents: Channel 3 is not your typical Hip-Hop number. From the new age style production to the unorthodox lyrics this project is in a category all it’s own. RTystic, Seismic, & Mammyth are definitely offering something that is unlike anything else. But that is a positive thing. Their odd approach to Hip-Hop makes for an adventurous listen and readers should for sure give it a try. May not be what people are used to but Channel 3 certainly is worthy of the hype it’s been receiving. Props to the trio for thinking outside of the box. -MinM

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