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RTystic, Seismic, & Mammyth – “Hitchhikers” (Video)

by Miracle

(Photo By Band Camp)

Channel 3 (listen/download)

SAFS Crew affiliates: RTystic, Seismic, & Mammyth have officially released their Channel 3 mixtape. Readers may check it out via the provided link. There will also be a review for the tape coming to the site very soon. Prior to releasing the project, they dropped two buzz singles. “Road 2 Success” was the single that introduced them to the site. And they followed it up with a song called “Hitchhikers.” It is a unique spacey Hip-Hop number with fresh rhymes and a cool vibe. Yesterday the trio dropped the visuals for the track. The visuals are pretty interesting too. Keep reading to see what familiar name they got to put down the mic and flex his camera skills for the flick.


This video was directed, shot, and edited by our friend Joey D of Block Rocker Music Group / The Young Urban Society. The piece opens with a variety of situations that basically lay the foundation for the video. This includes: the fellas jamming out in a vehicle, a trip to the car wash, and some skateboarding. As things get under way, there is also some tricked out biking scenes and scenes of SAFS Crew affiliates mobbing out. The concept for the visuals pretty much just goes back and forth between these different scenarios with some killer special effects by Joey D. He experiments with the colors, manipulates the movement, makes the transitions seem effortless, and more. The video ends with a few night-time shots and extra car footage. Overall, this is a superior flick.

**My Two Cents: I was very excited to see that Joey D was collaborating with these guys to do their video. It turned out great. He really did some awesome work. Also, the trio really got into the project and appeared to be in their comfort zone. Catch them on Facebook via their respective pages: RTystic, Seismic, & Mammyth. -MinM

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