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RTystic, Seismic, & Mammyth – “The Road 2 Success”

by Miracle

(Photo By Band Camp)

“The Road 2 Success” (preview/purchase)

Meet more affiliates of the SAFS Crew team: RTystic, Seismic, & Mammyth. RTystic and Seismic serve as the emcees of the trio and Mammyth serves as the producer, engineer, and deejay. RTystic and Seismic have seen their fair share of success via media such as HipHopDX and performances at key venues like The Rave. Mammyth has paved his own way via working with prominent artists including: Prophetic, Blizz McFly, and more. The three have come together to release a brand new project entitled, Channel 3.  In the name of promotion, the trio has decided to leak a single or two. The first leak is a song called “The Road 2 Success.”

The production here is in a class of it’s own but in a good way. It consists of game like sound effects, a low pitch, a snazzy cadence, and a light-hearted vibe. The hook is first-rate. The delivery is refined and the lyrics are skillfully crafted. The verses are exceptional. Both rappers exhibit inviting flows, polished wordplay, and proficient rhymes. They do a compelling job of speaking on their feelings about how to cope with struggling by keeping a positive outlook. Memorable lines include: “Pressure busts pipes. So the bong’s for whenever is clever. Strong through the weather. Got a tarp and an umbrella. Brainstorm, words cloud like a thought bubble. Pondering my focus while scoping out the block for the crabs in the bucket trying to clamp on my coattails. Rising with my music.” There is some colorful rhyming going on in those lines. Overall, this song is a hit and a superb option for the first leak. Channel 3 is slated to drop on the 13th. So be sure to keep up with the trio via their respective Twitter pages for updates and additional info.

**My Two Cents: This was an ill track. I love the trio’s sound and style. They definitely bring something original to the table. Also, I liked the message of the song. These days a lot more people need to adopt a no stress philosophy. SAFS Crew is turning out to have quite a collection of artists on their hands. Very happy that they all reached out to the site. -MinM

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