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King Gamble – The Prelude (Mixtape Review)

by Miracle

(Photo By King Gamble)

The Prelude (listen/download)

Now that readers have seen King Gamble in videos and learned a few details about him via his interview, figured it was only right to take a deeper look into his music. So as promised, it’s time to break down his latest offering The Prelude. Gamble describes the project as a well-rounded introduction to who he is as an artist with a variety of sounds and content. Also, he states that people who have heard the project so far seem to enjoy it. With that in mind, click the break and let’s investigate a few tracks.


The production here is of grade A quality. It is made up of: a weighted bass line, light rhythmical elements, and a smooth vibe. There is no hook on this track. The extended verse is good. Gamble brings a cool relaxed flow, witty wordplay, and acceptable rhymes. He could have been a bit more heavy hitting to match the nature of the beat but he definitely still demonstrated his skills. Noteworthy lines include: “I’m a kill ’em with this Houston flow.  Getting dough, dodging pros, you n—-s know how it goes. Cause I’m caught up in that limelight. Delivering these bars. Flow suited well, prom night. Just listen to this verse, know I’m nizext. Flow so untouchable just call the kid E. Ness.” Fine spitting going on in those lines right there. Overall, this song is solid. It could use a little more edge but it works.

“No Lie”

This is a remix to the cut by 2 Chainz & Drake of the same name. The production is the same as the original. It’s an excellent beat with deep driven musical components and a street tone. The hook used is also a sample, as it is just Drake’s hook from the initial song. The verses are all original though and are well put together. Gamble contributes an easy going flow, fair wordplay, and decent rhymes. He does a nice job of embodying the gutter nature of the track. Check it as he spits: “A lot of people in my face is what I don’t like. Just let me post and catch the bread, Jerrying Rice. Ain’t nothing to it. Keep it trill is what my life like. I take her home and get that cake like Anna got from Ike. (…) They looking like he ain’t from round here. I get my confidence from laughing at them sour stares. I ask God to help me out and lose my enemies. I started losing friends. Know whose your enemies.” Those lines are a little on the simple side but they provide an interesting look at a different side of Gamble. Also, they provide a bit of knowledge at the end. All in all, this is a commendable remix.

“Never Change”

The production here is enjoyable. It takes on a completely different feel than the two previous tracks. The slower tempo, delicate instruments, and peaceful tone are a welcome change of pace. The hook is modest. The delivery is engaging but could be a tad cleaner. The lyrics are real. The verses are favorable. Gamble serves up a neat flow and legit rhymes. He previously described the track as an emotional number that comes from his more personal side. He definitely conveys that summary through words like: ‘A hole in my chest. Pain screaming so loud. So I’m counting all this money just to muffle out the sound.” Intriguing train of thought going on right there. In the end, this song is on point and was a captivating way to end the tape.

**My Two Cents: In his interview, Gamble said that The Prelude is worthy of shine. I have to say that I agree. The Prelude is a noble offering as a whole. Gamble came with satisfactory content. He could have been more stimulating with his word play but he did a reasonable job of establishing himself as an emcee. And the production and samples were winning. So this was a pretty official introduction. Looking forward to seeing Gamble grow and develop more in the future. Readers can listen to the mixtape via Dat Piff and can reach out to Gamble on Twitter. -MinM

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