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Level Next Music Presents – Making The Mixtape: My Level Is Next Volume 2 (Episode 5)

by Miracle

(Photo By LevelNextMusic.Com)

It’s time to check out the latest episode of the Making The Mixtape: My Level Is Next Volume 2 docu-series and see what the Level Next Music team has been up to. This makes for the fifth episode of the project. It is titled “The Interview” and features a closer look at Level Next Music group, Endiskize. Observe the visuals below.


This episode opens with a slight disagreement between Level Next Music VP Tonja and artist K.W.O.E. of Endiskize. They eventually reach a resolution and move on. A majority of the episode was dedicated to Endiskize’s big radio interview at Chicago radio station 103.5 Kiss FM. They discussed a few different topics like their work in the community, as seen in the last episode. Another topic they discussed was their new partnership with major sports network ESPN. Endiskize released a track called “We Don’t Back Down” with a lot of sports related terms and metaphors. Someone at ESPN heard it and decided to pick it up. That is a pretty awesome accomplishment. The episode ends on a very genuine note. Endiskize group member Ms. China shares her struggles of being a female in the industry and trying to balance music with her personal life. Which is something a lot of artists probably experience but don’t get a chance to talk about. In the end, this was a real and informative watch.

**My Two Cents: Endiskize is a pretty dope group. I became a fan when I heard them on the last mixtape. So it was nice to be able to see them all together and learn a little more about them. Congrats is in order on the ESPN situation too! That’s a good look. Also, props to Ms. China for allowing her conflict to be shared with the world. It can’t be easy for her to go through, let alone have it out there in the public eye. But I think it’s necessary for fans to occasionally see stuff like that, to remind them that artists are just regular human beings like everybody else. Episode six drops this Thursday. Readers can see it here or over at the Level Next Music site. -MinM

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KWOE August 8, 2012 - 1:33 am

The ILL you are official! YEA! @2KWOE (K. Wells of Endiskize) aka KWOE Thanks for the love and your 2 cents! Love ya


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