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Boys Like Britain – “I Smoke” (Video)

by Miracle

(Photo By Facebook)

BlackWorld Music Group‘s first lady Boys Like Britain recently dropped her official debut song and video. The debut is called “I Smoke” and the song was produced by B.U., who is of course a part of BlackWorld as well. He did a fine job too. The track has a dope Rock / Hip-Hop mash up going on. And if you follow the Milwaukee music scene you know that the video has taken on a life of it’s own. Whether it’s in love or hate, folks just can’t stop talking about the project. Therefore decided to share with readers and see what they think. Take a peek below.


This video was put together by the one and only Sergio Soprano of EsGee Films. He worked his magic as expected, capturing BLB in all of her quirky glory. The concept for the video revolves around BLB smoking and just being her fun loving self. Highlights from the video include the scenes with fellow members of the BlackWorld family. B.U. is present bringing the crazy energy that he is known for in person. And member R.A. can be seen going hard as well complete with an arm cast accessory. The video winds down with a collection of shots that display everything from BLB carrying out some silly antics to some boss pictures of BLB getting her modeling on. The visuals end with logo promotion from BlackWorld Music Group and EsGee Films. And a fun fact about BLB that relates to the video is that she is a paid smoking fetish model. That is pretty cool, right?

**My Two Cents: I think the song and video go hand in hand together. Sergio really complimented the theme that B.U. created with the production. Also, I think he did a good job of fitting BLB’s personality. The bright colors and crazy transitions suit her perfectly. As for the song itself, it’s not my cup of tea. However, Britain has admitted that she is not trying to be a traditional Hip-Hop artist. She’s looking to establish herself more in the Pop-Hop genre, think Kreayshawn, Lil Debbie, etc. For that lane, it works well. I could see Kreayshawn jumping on the remix to this in a heartbeat. But what I do like and respect is that BLB put herself out there and has been promoting her butt off despite all of the drama. That takes guts. If readers agree or just want to learn more about Boys Like Britain, they can keep up with her on Facebook. -MinM

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