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Bass Head Music – “The Master”

by Miracle

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There hasn’t been a post featuring the fellas of Bass Head Music in a while. They have two new singles in rotation, so thought it would be a treat to share one with readers. The song is titled “The Master” and was inspired by the latest Recall Wack Rappers movement. This cut opens with clips from the movie Master Of The Flying Guillotine. From there the production kicks in. The production is top-notch. It features heavy hitting components and a sinister vibe.  No hook is used on this track. Instead there is another movie clip played between verses. This clip comes from the film, The Last Dragon. It was an entertaining pick. The verses are impeccable. Mista Marcus gets things under way and J.D. The Chief follows up. The duo provide cold tempered flows, biting wordplay, and golden rhymes.

Each makes it perfectly clear that there is absolutely nothing wack about Bass Head Music. Heed J.D. as he spits: “You f–king with the meanest and baddest. And if it’s green then we at it. I gotta have it. I don’t get then I’m madder than Static. Some call me crazy. Got a room in my house and the walls padded. Murder weapons and dead bodies in log cabins. And their all rappers, jaw jappers, and long nappers. Sleeping on raw talent. Now tell me is it comfortable?” J.D. went ham in those lines. The track ends with one last movie clip. It’s from the flick They Live and it is the best audio snippet out of the three. All in all, this song is a winner. Everything is expertly put together and the movie bits were a cool touch. If readers are interested, the other single that Bass Head Music has in rotation is called “Get Macho.” It is a tribute to late legendary pro wrestler “Macho Man” Randy Savage. May he rest in peace. The cut is high energy and full of “Macho Man” related clips. Wrestling and Hip-Hop fans alike are sure to enjoy it!

**My Two Cents: I’m not big on the Recall Wack Rappers movement, too controversial for me. However, this song is dope. J.D. and Marcus handled their business and it was about time for some new Bass Head Music. Don’t forget the album Dumb Hoez is available now. Go cop it if you haven’t already! -MinM

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