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In honor of Halloween and due to the fact that they haven’t been featured in a while, decided to share the latest venture from the fellas of Bass Head Music. In addition to all of the tunes they’ve been working on this year, they have also been putting together the story of how their infamous mascot came to be. Although a tad bit on the creepy side, the boombox head is a very creative memorable part of the group’s brand. And they are the only artists in the city who utilize such a marketing tool. So peep how it all came to be below.

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Funk Volume is a record label that also specializes in production, marketing, and promotions. They pride themselves on providing artists a place to do what they love without all the pressure and madness of typical mainstream labels. Also, they consider their artists some of the most talented and creative in the game. Their goal is to put out music and projects that can thrive amongst the best of the best. Their roster boasts names like: Hopsin, Dizzy Wright, DJ Hoppa, etc. They describe themselves as follows: “We are not a ‘movement,’ not a ‘gang,’ not a ‘squad’ or anything like that. Funk Volume is a COMMITMENT – to protect the integrity of the music and conduct our business properly. It is a commitment to HIP-HOP, to our FANS, and to each other (Facebook).” For more information about the company readers can check out their website.

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Bass Head Music has had an eventful year so far. Things have settled down a bit though and so the fellas decided to put together a short video to celebrate. Also, it solidifies their reunion with member Mista Marcus. The video is for the song “Kibblez N’ Bitz” off of their debut album Dumb Hoez which can be found here. The track is paired with a fine yet peculiar and eerie beat. The content is full of the usual twisted top of the line rhymes that one can come to expect from a Bass Head Music record. See what the fellas conjured up after the break.