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Bass Head Music Presents: Birth Of A Bass Head (Video)

by Miracle

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In honor of Halloween and due to the fact that they haven’t been featured in a while, decided to share the latest venture from the fellas of Bass Head Music. In addition to all of the tunes they’ve been working on this year, they have also been putting together the story of how their infamous mascot came to be. Although a tad bit on the creepy side, the boombox head is a very creative memorable part of the group’s brand. And they are the only artists in the city who utilize such a marketing tool. So peep how it all came to be below.

The video is shot in black and white. It starts off with a shot of a peculiar older gentlemen sitting in a room by himself. He walks over to a window and begins to narrate the flick in an eerie voice. From there, the viewer is basically taken through the inception of Bass Head Music’s unforgettable symbol. Things wind down with the boombox head coming to life and a few ambiguous last words from the narrator. He kind of makes it seem like there might be a follow up video in the future. Also, it should be noted that the visuals double as a promo item for the group’s Plan A album. All in all, this was a neat clip.

**My Two Cents: I’ve been waiting to see this since I knew it was in the works. It was definitely worth the anticipation. It turned out really cool. I am not fond of mascots myself (they weird me out, lbvs) but I do love the fact that the fellas of Bass Head Music are doing something different. It sets them apart from the crowd, which is crucial to being successful in the music game. So props to them on their innovative technique. I would definitely like to see a sequel flick. And on another note, HAPPY HALLOWEEN on behalf of The Illixer team! -MinM

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