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Luke Taleno – “Day Of The Dead” (Video)

by Miracle

Screen_shot_2013_10_27_at_12.39.08_PM(Photo By Slyda Music Group)

Slyda Music Group (Ron Slyda) has a young new member in their midst. He goes by the name of Luke Taleno and he is just 15 years of age. What makes him so special is the fact that the teen talent is currently in a battle against Leukemia. While cancer is a scary disease to deal with that understandably leaves a lot of people in a bad way, Luke has decided to face his situation head on. Channeling his creativity, he recently unleashed a set of visuals for a song that reflects his sentiments on having to endure the ills of chemotherapy. Due to it’s strong zombie nature, it seemed only right to share it with readers on this day (10/31). Peep it after the break.

The song is titled “Day Of The Dead.” It was produced by Kemz83 and it incorporates a sample of the theme song from the hit AMC television series, The Walking Dead. The record is set to a haunting yet dope beat. The content is on point too. Luke brings a shining flow, honest wordplay, and choice rhymes. Overall, the single is a gem. The video was put together by Young Wild Panda. It opens up with some details explaining how the events of the flick came about. From there, the visuals pretty much follow a zombified version of Luke as he roams around the woods. His adventures include him hunting down an unfortunate photographer who was just seemingly trying to do some exploring of her own. Additionally, zombie Luke finds himself getting caught in a trap. However, his misfortune doesn’t last for too long. His captor apparently forgot that zombies tend to travel in groups. The video concludes with a few final sweeping shots of the zombies and their surroundings before fading to the end credits. All in all, this was an amazing effort albeit slightly disturbing (lol).

**My Two Cents: I love the concept behind both this song and video. I’m a huge fan of The Walking Dead and I think Luke is just downright bad ass for the bravery he is showing in his battle against cancer. Especially, given how young he is. He is a pretty solid rapper too. Much love to Slyda Music Group for taking him on and supporting him during his ordeal. And salute to them for sharing the video with the site as well. Keep fighting Luke, The Illixer is now part of those who are rooting for you! -MinM

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