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Slangin’ That Good In The State Of Misery: Meet Dope Gang

by Miracle

Missouri has boasted a slew of great Hip-Hop artists that have launched successful careers in the music industry like: Chingy, Nelly, Tech N9ne, and now there is a new crew emerging as a strong contender, Dope Gang. Dope Gang consists of the artists: Yola Montana, Yung O Tha Rocky, Tha Lette, Castleberry, Chevy Go Hard, Chulo Myers, and D Boi. It is a collaboration of Hip-Hop and Trap music artists that all share the singular dream of becoming successful independent brands. In the days of old when signing a record deal to a major label, this dream was farfetched. But with the opportunities that the internet has provided, many artists are striving for independent glory and Dope Gang is no exception. Each artist stands on their own merits while combining to form not only a super group but a cooperative community linking abilities to fill in the voids for each other. The debut mixtape from Dope Gang currently titled Dope Gang Music Volume 1 is slated for release in the first quarter of 2014 and will feature the entire line up. Also on the list of projects to be released are the mixtapes Triangular Spaceking and Pyrex, all produced by Yola Montana aka Trig Beats. For those of you interested in a sneak peak of the project you can find the leaked track “Fyre Proof” here. And you can find any other information on Dope Gang on Facebook. ~Biggz

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