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Taylor Mallory – “Olivia Pope”

by Miracle

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“Olivia Pope” (listen/download)

While today marks Halloween, it also marks “Scandal Thursday.” A nickname coined by fans of the ABC smash hit series Scandal for the second to last day of the week. So it seemed like a great time to share some new music from the site’s favorite Chi-Town crooner, Taylor Mallory (Level Next Music). The R&B talent penned a tribute to the show in honor of and named after the main character, the fabulous Ms. Olivia Pope who is played by the equally amazing Kerry Washington. Given the raging success of the show, this was a very smart idea.

The production here is interesting. The offbeat core, animated musical components, upbeat tempo, and spirited vibe make for a champion combination. The hook is gratifying. The delivery is fine and the lyrics are direct. The verses are fulfilling. Taylor Mallory presents enticing vocals and thorough lyrics. The details do a top notch job of painting an image that pays homage to Olivia and some of her well-known character traits. However, they are packaged flexible enough to where they can really be a tribute to any hardworking dignified woman on her grind. Which is exactly the impact that Taylor was aiming for. Some lines worth illuminating are: “Educated with a little attitude in yo pants-suit, girl you bad. Love them cheek bones and yo skin tone and yo hair long, you did that. And I’m on you. Baby I want you. Girl I gotta have that. Love that click clack every time you walk in that room with them heels on. You just too strong. I know just what to do with you. Girl I’m on you. Baby I want you. Gone get it, get it girl. I’m loving the way you handle yours.” That’s a very descriptive and flattering way to kick off the song. Overall, this is a quality blue-ribbon ode to the independent ladies out there. And apparently the masses agree. The song is trending on social media sites, gaining a whirlwind of press coverage, packing in views/plays in the thousands, and receiving nothing but praise from both Scandal & Taylor fans alike.

**My Two Cents: I am a gladiator in a suit aka stan of Scandal and of course I love Taylor Mallory. So I got a really big kick out of this track. I think it was nicely done and it was a great marketing technique. What better way to boost your fan-base and popularity, than to capitalize on one of the most followed series on television? Pretty brilliant. I think readers will agree and that Ms. Pope would feel truly honored. So click that link and give the song a spin or two. -MinM

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