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Most cover songs come off as someone having a sober night at Karaoke. Meaning it was cute but forgettable. However, that is not the case here. Taylor Mallory, just like only a hand full of people on YouTube, actually did a better job covering a song than the original artist. The song that he recently chose to cover was “Jungle” by Drake off his unexpected hit project If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late.

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“Olivia Pope” (previous review)

“Footage” (previous review)

TaylorMade (listen/download)

Just a few short days ago, Taylor Mallory (Level Next Music) officially hit his supporters with his debut EP, TaylorMade. It’s an eleven track offering that depicts Taylor’s experiences on his hunt for the woman who was especially crafted just for him. He’s already blown up media sites and airwaves alike with two hit singles off of the project: “Footage” and “Olivia Pope.” Thus the expectations for the remainder of the collective were pretty high. He’s been receiving lots of praise since the release, so the non-leaked material must have made the grade as well amongst his fans. Venture beyond the break to see if The Illixer agrees with the masses.

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So the site just got word that one of our favorite R&B regulars is getting ready to release a new EP in just a matter of days. Taylor Mallory of Level Next Music is dropping his next project on April 8th. It is cleverly dubbed TaylorMade and will include some previously released singles as well as some new content and interludes. Taylor put together a beautiful promo video titled “D.I.F.F.E.R.E.N.T.” in order to get the buzz going about the upcoming project. Check it out below.

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“Olivia Pope” (listen/download)

While today marks Halloween, it also marks “Scandal Thursday.” A nickname coined by fans of the ABC smash hit series Scandal for the second to last day of the week. So it seemed like a great time to share some new music from the site’s favorite Chi-Town crooner, Taylor Mallory (Level Next Music). The R&B talent penned a tribute to the show in honor of and named after the main character, the fabulous Ms. Olivia Pope who is played by the equally amazing Kerry Washington. Given the raging success of the show, this was a very smart idea.