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Taylor Mallory – TaylorMade (EP Review)

by Miracle

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“Olivia Pope” (previous review)

“Footage” (previous review)

TaylorMade (listen/download)

Just a few short days ago, Taylor Mallory (Level Next Music) officially hit his supporters with his debut EP, TaylorMade. It’s an eleven track offering that depicts Taylor’s experiences on his hunt for the woman who was especially crafted just for him. He’s already blown up media sites and airwaves alike with two hit singles off of the project: “Footage” and “Olivia Pope.” Thus the expectations for the remainder of the collective were pretty high. He’s been receiving lots of praise since the release, so the non-leaked material must have made the grade as well amongst his fans. Venture beyond the break to see if The Illixer agrees with the masses.

“4th of July (Fireworks)”

The production here is good. The settled foundation, nonabrasive musical elements, intermediate tempo, and welcoming vibe make for a likable blend. The hook is satisfactory too. The melodies are splendid and the lyrics are becoming. The verses are solid. Taylor supplies attractive vocals and well-bred lyrics. He fondly expresses his gratitude for the woman he has by his side, especially given the crazy state of today’s world. He croons: “When I’m about to lose my mind, you remind me of the simple things. Like pop rocks and candy rings. And I don’t wanna lose it. Sitting at the light you always give me kisses. When you’re gone I miss this. It tears me into pieces. With so much going on in life, sometimes we get distant.” One has to value the heartfelt element in those words right there. Overall, this is a mint track.

“Sober” F/ E. Frank

The production here is classic. The sleek infrastructure, rich background ingredients, graceful piano, fluent gait, and temperate vibe fuse perfectly together. The hook is first-class too. The vocals are flawless and the lyrics are pointed. The verses are legit. Taylor Mallory and E. Frank take part in a compelling exchange with gifted harmonies and intense lyrics. They take the listener through the plight of a struggling couple made worse when alcohol is introduced into the equation. An excerpt from their ordeal includes: “(Taylor) I don’t wanna feel like I’m in chains. I swear about everyday we’re: slamming doors, yelling back & forth, making dents on the wall, having sex on the floor. (E. Frank) And I don’t wanna hear you tell me you’ve changed. (Taylor) But I’ve changed. (E. Frank) It’s the same old thing you say when you’re gone off your drug and your drink, the only time that you feel like speaking to me.” That is a pretty heavy situation being presented in those words right there. All in all, this selection is of a grade A quality and is the site favorite off of the EP.

**My Two Cents: These are two additional songs that I felt represented the EP well along with the earlier leaked singles. There are still two songs left for readers to discover on their own as well as a handful of fresh interludes. As a whole, I feel like TaylorMade is an accomplished project. Taylor provided exceptional vocal work as well as content. And the production was sublime. My only critique would be that he could have replaced one or two interludes with records. Otherwise, I definitely agree with the people. This was a great debut. Congrats Taylor! -MinM

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