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Taylor Mallory – TaylorMade (Promo Video)

by Miracle

1978871_10100725453592467_1004011710_n(Photo By Ashley Bailey)

So the site just got word that one of our favorite R&B regulars is getting ready to release a new EP in just a matter of days. Taylor Mallory of Level Next Music is dropping his next project on April 8th. It is cleverly dubbed TaylorMade and will include some previously released singles as well as some new content and interludes. Taylor put together a beautiful promo video titled “D.I.F.F.E.R.E.N.T.” in order to get the buzz going about the upcoming project. Check it out below.

The video places the spotlight on several Chicago women whom Taylor deems driven and enterprising in their respective fields. The ladies are all very unique from one another. They are shown being upbeat and light-hearted as they hold up signs with words that are emphasized via repetition in the song that plays throughout the duration of the visuals. Overall, it’s an extremely flattering and fun little number.

**My Two Cents: Seems like the nicer weather is going to be bringing in a lot of dope new music with it. I am excited to hear that Taylor Mallory is going to be amongst the artists providing said music. This was an awesome promotional offering and I know that the EP is going to be equally as great. And of course you know The Illixer will be posting a review of the project following it’s release. So be sure to check back and also don’t forget to keep up with Taylor on Facebook so that you don’t miss out on the big day. -MinM

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