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Synik & Rod McCoy Present: Selah IndieGoGo Campaign

by Miracle

PR(Photo By Rod McCoy)

Selah Campaign (donate)

Remember Rod McCoy from Audible Hustle Entertainment? Well he’s gearing up to release an album with one of his fellow team members by the name of Synik. Their collaborative offering is entitled Selah and it is described as a lyrical masterpiece that spans a variety of vibes as well as subject matter. In order to bring the project to the masses though, the pair need a little help from their supporters.

Due to dealing with geographical hurdles and trying to make the transition from military to civilian life, the duo were not able to fully fund all aspects associated with releasing the album. So they started up an IndieGoGo campaign to raise money for: promotional items, commercial placement, and CD duplication. While every offering no matter how big or small helps, there are incentives for pitching in at certain levels. The donation levels start at $5 and go all the way up to $100. There are six levels total. The perks for contributing include a bit of everything such as: exclusive song leaks, personalized ringtones, stickers, autographs, t-shirts, and more. The fellas’ goal is to raise $2,500 by the time all is said and done. So far they are at $205 and have about 46 days left to go within the campaign. They started on the 21st of this month and the the final date of the effort is May 16, 2014. For those who are unable to contribute financially, the guys simply ask that the campaign link be shared and spread around wherever possible. More details about their journey in creating Selah as well as a video that entails unreleased tracks from the project can be found via the above link.

**My Two Cents: I always have a deep respect for artists who go out of their way to hustle for their craft. So I definitely had to help Rod McCoy and Synik spread the word about the Selah campaign. Plus, I was privy to listening to a track off of the project and it was beyond dope. Thus, I certainly want to hear the rest of it. Therefore donate if you can and/or circulate that link to friends, family, social networks, etc. Wishing the duo the best of luck with their campaign. -MinM

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