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Taylor Mallory – “Lift N Bend”

by Miracle

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“Lift N Bend” (iTunes)

As previously mentioned, R&B crooner Taylor Mallory (Level Next Music) recently released a new original single titled, “Lift N Bend.” The song will be featured on his upcoming EP, Taylor Made. The production here is flawless. The gentle bass, subtle musical components, smooth rhythm, and alluring vibe are the ideal combination. The hook is prime too. The vocals have a pleasing harmony to them and the lyrics are to the point yet retainable. The verses are copacetic. Taylor executes immaculate vocals, a flirtatious tone, and efficient lyrics. He does a top notch job of conveying all of the grown & sexy things that are on his mind thanks to an attractive lady who happened to catch his eye during a night out. A handful of lines worth paying attention to include: “You over there with your home-girl, talking ’bout you don’t need a man. Independent, confident, anything you need you can go and get. Materials can’t show you love. But I’m the one that you’re thinking of. They gone have to make some room for us. We cutting a rug up in this club. Long week, feeling beat. Let me be your remedy. Increased body heat, I can feel yo energy.” Well-founded way to open up the track right there. In the end, this is another A-list song for Taylor Mallory and a favorable way to gain buzz for the EP.

**My Two Cents: I was anxious to hear Taylor return back to doing his own thing and it was well worth the wait. This song is a hit. The concept is good, the production is four star quality, and Taylor made a killer contribution. I’m definitely looking forward to hearing the EP and seeing what else Mr. Mallory has up his sleeve. For more with the Chicago native, readers can visit the provided link or they can always find him along with other Level Next Music artists on the company’s official website. -MinM

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