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40Mil – Hot Summer Nights In MKE (Beat Tape Review)

by Miracle

a2381367222_10(Photo By Band Camp)

Hot Summer Nights In MKE (preview/purchase)

40Mil was originally introduced to the site through the hits he created with one of Milwaukee’s elite emcees, Kia Rap Princess (Blaqlizt Entertainment). His quality work and consistency led The Illixer to want to learn a little more about him as an individual. The popular Mil-Town music maker has about nine years under his belt. Drawing inspiration from mainstream greats such as Timbaland and Dr. Dre, he has worked with his fair share of diverse Mid-West talent throughout the course of his career. He has a few projects under his belt and he dabbles in videography as well. He prides himself on taking hopefuls in the Wisconsin area and lacing them with dope beats that they can make bangers out of; in order to help get themselves noticed and their music heard.

Recently, he took a break from said mission and dropped a short new beat tape just for fun. The tape has been coined Hot Summer Nights In MKE and it consists of five tracks. The tape was a random creation that just so happened to come to 40 as he was working his magic late one night. He describes the effort as something fitting to ride to while cruising during this recreational season. The offering begins with a track that is less than a minute long called “Hot Summer Night.” It’s actually a clip of a song with the same name by late 70’s band Night. It has a great old school vibe at work and is reminiscent of a song that would be featured in a Miami based film or video game. So it was a choice way to begin the tape. Next up, is a jam with a title that makes an indirect reference to a popular Summer past time. It’s labeled “Grilled Steaks.” It is a very enjoyable number. The variety of effervescent musical elements coupled with the steady bass and eccentric multifaceted pace; culminate in a rewarding sound. Definitely would be a nice touch for background music while working on the grill.

“Mojitos” is the follow up track. It has a more centered structure with breezy savvy components that result in a refreshing vibe equivalent to the taste of the alcoholic beverage that it shares the same name with. All in all, it is a sick instrumental and a favorite off of the tape. From here, the tape transitions into a comedic interlude. The interlude is dubbed “Hot Summer Interlude” and it features none other than an interview clip of Kevin Hart as his rap alter ego, Chocolate Droppa. One can never go wrong with Kevin Hart. It was a excellent selection to include in the project. Hot Summer Nights In MKE concludes with “You Know It’s Hot.” This happens to be 40’s personal favorite. He is especially fond of the drum pattern used. Which is understandable as the number does exude a cool quirky sort of charm. It’s an interesting listen as well as an unique ending to the tape.

**My Two Cents: This was a high quality beat tape and not at all what I expected. 40Mil showed off a different side to his talents and it worked out well for him. It would be exciting to hear him do something unconventional with an artist actually performing on it. Readers can hear Hot Summer Nights In MKE in it’s entirety for themselves by hitting that link and heading over to Band Camp. 40 also has some tunes up over on his Sound Cloud page. So be sure to check that out too. -MinM

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