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Strange Tang – “No Worries” (Video)

by Miracle

Screen shot 2013-10-17 at 4.18.25 PM(Photo By Strange Tang)

No Worries (preview/purchase)

One of the site’s favorite duos, Strange Tang, has released a brand new video. They took it back to their sophomore effort No Worries for this one. The video happens to be for the title track of the project. The song stands out as it is a bit different from the pair’s usual street/party tunes. It is subdued in nature with unhurried melodic components and personalized content that revolves around dealing with the hurdles that come with life by simply just letting go. As a whole, it is an admirable track with considerable meaning behind it. See the heartwarming way the guys translated the music into a video below.

The visuals were handled by Endustrie. The concept for the video follows Obliq and Price as they spend the day out and about. They don’t engage in the typical activities that homies do when they get together though. Instead they take part in the very compassionate deed of spending time with the homeless. What makes it so remarkable is they don’t go to a shelter, church, etc. They actually join a group of people right outside on the very location where they have set up shop, so to speak. The gang have a great view overlooking the water and hold touching signs with a message that reads “Homeless Jesus Loves You.” Obliq & Price seem to fit in well with the people and there is even a strong sense of camaraderie that is present. The flick ends with some unsettling facts about the epidemic of homelessness. All in all, this was an incredibly moving watch.

**My Two Cents: This was such a powerful video for a very substantial song. I really have a whole new level of respect for the fellas of Strange Tang for taking the time out to bring awareness to such a vital issue in the world today. What got me the most was the spirit of the video. Despite their situation everyone was all smiles and so full of energy. They genuinely seemed to enjoy themselves as well as openly embraced Obliq & Price. Which served as a true embodiment of the track’s theme. Readers definitely need to take a moment and view this one for sure. -MinM

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