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Floozy – Here’s To You (Mixtape Review)

by Miracle

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Here’s To You (listen/download)

Flare The Floozy is part of the select group of consistently buzzed about artists in the Mil-Town. His one of a kind sound and quick-witted rhymes are what make him such a fan favorite. Not too long ago, he brought an end to his brief hiatus and released a brand new mixtape titled Here’s To You. The tape entails: 15 total tracks, a wide variety of producers, and a minute number of guest appearances. The project is presented by DJ Woogie. See what tracks The Illixer enjoyed the most after the break.

“Back To The $$$”

This track was produced by Lil Quisee. The production turned out fierce. The hard hitting foundation, theatrical musical components, median tempo, and severe vibe fuse winningly together. The hook is solid. The delivery is commanding and the lyrics are official. The verses are complimentary. Floozy exhibits a distinct flow, biting wordplay, and first-rate rhymes. He lets the world know that he has returned and is in full effect. A couple of lines worth highlighting include: “I said I’m baaack. Floozy where you been at? Running my bands up. All on the business. Heard n—as hating. What else is new? I guess when you a broke n—-a ain’t s–t else to do. I came back in the game. And they rapping the same. F–k the flow. They jacking slang. (…) It was f–k y’all ten years ago. Guess what n—a? It’s still the same.” Lots of personality being demonstrated in those opening bars right there. Overall, this is a decent effort and a respectable way to kick off the tape.


This record was produced by Nova. The production is fire. It is made up of: a strong bass, slick secondary elements, an attractive rhythm, and a hood vibe. The hook is fair. The delivery is flawless and the lyrics are adequate. The verses are just. Floozy dishes up a crisp flow, kosher wordplay, and favorable rhymes. He paints a vivid image of the way he and his crew get down in comparison to others. He spits: “All city we balling. (…) Look at how lopsided this score is. All that player s–t in my chorus. All the game I drop in these verses. My engineer so spoiled. I be two taking on purpose. We poured up on that purple. Man it’s slow motion or tortoise. I pull up in that uh oh. My car seats is embroidered.” Those are some boss bars being shelled out by Floozy. All in all, this track is a hit. Apparently, Floozy thought so too as he put out a video for the single prior to releasing the tape. It was done by the infamous Philly Flyboy and can be seen at the end of the review.

“U Know”

This selection was produced by Big Ten Beats. The production is good. It incorporates: a conservative infrastructure, refined background ingredients, a strolling gait, and a somber vibe. The hook is conventional. The delivery is likeable and the lyrics are transparent. The verses are straight. Floozy serves up his trademark flow, apt wordplay, and desirable rhymes. He shares his sentiments on certain subjects in a personal thoughtful manner. A handful of lines worth observing are: “Hey lately I’ve been wavy as a f–k. All I’m missing is a fin. Some n—as jump ship. S–t I guess they rather swim. Took you under my limb. Now you just one of them. Hey keep it m-o-b. You see that glove above my brim. N—as ain’t even have enough drive for the lease b–ch n—a. I’m a treat you like the company you keep b–ch n—a. Money talks, we don’t never f–king speak.” Floozy definitely means business in those bars right there. In the end, this is another smash for the 414 talent.

**My Two Cents: I finally have a better understanding of why Floozy ranks in the top for Milwaukee artists. He definitely has his own style going on and he is pretty nice with the pen game too. He’s got a strong sense of character that flows through his music as well. It comes off a little cocky on occasion but it works in Floozy’s favor at the same time. It adds a bit more pizzazz to the package. Here’s To You is a dignified mixtape. Floozy came with his A game, the production was of a high standard, and the guest appearances were fitting though scarce. As a whole, it ranks a 4/5. Well played Floozy, welcome back. -MinM

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