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Bass Head Music F/ Bernz & Wrekonize (¡Mayday!) – “Never Going Back”

by Miracle

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“Never Going Back” F/ Bernz & Wrekonize of ¡Mayday! (preview)

The fellas of Bass Head Music have been on a roll as of late. They’ve been knocking out shows around the clock and even got the chance to grace the stage with Tech N9ne and his Strange Music collective once again. This is about the third time that the group has gotten to rub elbows with the indie legend and his camp. Recently, they put their connection to good use and unleashed a new single with Strange Music’s own Bernz & Wrekonize (¡Mayday!). The song is titled “Never Going Back” and it will appear on Bass Head Music’s upcoming album, Mischief & Mayhem. The record was produced by the BHM imprint, Deep6ix Productions. The production here is stellar. It contains a light Rock style core, quirky supplementary components, and a contagious vibe. The hook is something special too. The delivery is bewitching and the lyrics are self-explanatory. The verses are nimble. Wrekonize takes the first swing, followed by J.D. The Chief, Bernz comes in next, and Mista Marcus culminates the end. All four artists present flows with their own flavor added in, customary wordplay, and thriving rhymes. They each do a dignified job of sharing their respective thoughts/stories about life and their careers. Some lines worth highlighting come courtesy of Mista Marcus. He spits: “Far away, spaced out like I’m on the moon. So far today I blanked out twice from the shrooms. That’s what I’m hearing from this skinny little white dude in front of the club. Talking s–t to me and my crew. His girl peeping. I’m giving her the eye too. And he ain’t tripping that she creeping on the side too. Now this the life dude. I’m never going back.” Astute bars being served up right there. Overall, this was an outstanding collaboration between the two factions.

**My Two Cents: This is my new favorite song by Bass Head Music (The original one was “Heartless”). I loved the contribution from Bernz & Wrekonize. J.D. & Marcus owned their parts as well. And the production was sensational. Definitely looking forward to the release of Mischief & Mayhem. If readers are digging the track, they should check out BHM on Facebook and give them a like. Be sure to explore some of the other links provided in the post too. -MinM

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