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Neak F/ Rashid Hadee – “Power”

by Miracle

Artwork - Neak f. Rashid Hadee - Power (Produced by Slot-A)(Photo By AudioMack.Com)

“Power” F/ Rashid Hadee (listen/download)

Some time has passed since Chicago emcee Neak has been featured on the site. So since he is currently in the midst of a promo campaign for his forthcoming album Paura/Amore, thought it would be only right to bring him back. He sent over a track called “Power” not too long ago. The cut includes a guest appearance from his fellow rapper Rashid Hadee and was produced by Slot-A. It serves only as a buzz item and therefore it will not appear on the pending LP. The production here is of a world-class quality. It is made up of: a rhythmic foundation, Jazz style instrumentation, a mid-tempo pace, and a trendy vibe. The hook is a hit too. The delivery is crisp and the lyrics are essential. The verses are cogent. Both Neak and Rashid serve up restful flows, street wordplay, and substantial rhymes. They convey an invaluable message of struggling to do the right thing in life when surrounded by so much wrong. Neak spits lines such as: “It’s like at any minute fill us full of wrong things. And so my leadership is shaping up the wrong kings. Flashing gold rings. Chasing a pretty dame. Without realizing who the f–k is pulling strings. Homie call me righteous poor teacher. Low down dirty preacher. The word I say is poison to your earlobe like a Eve.” Excellent verbalism being displayed in those bars right there. All in all, this was a real prize.

**My Two Cents: “Power” is a tip-top offering. The content is of a high standard. And the production is infallible. It was a really well chosen buzz single. Keep an eye on the site for future details and / or releases from Paura/Amore. Also, be sure to catch up with Neak online here. -MinM

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