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HelioS – “Nineteen?”

by Miracle

Nineteen Artwork(Photo By Band Camp)

“Nineteen?” (listen/download)

Rapper HelioS is ready to share the next part of his story. So far he’s taken his supporters through his first semester of college and the tragic winter break that followed. Now, he’s gearing up to unveil what he experienced during the second semester of his journey. However, he decided to take a slight detour and get some things off of his chest. Thus a song labeled “Nineteen?” was created. It is a stand alone cut and so it will not appear on HelioS’s upcoming album. The production here is commendable. The serene foundation, sprightly instrumentation, and quaint vibe fuse together agreeably. There is no traditional style hook used on this record. The song’s title is just mentioned in the opening lines. The content is intermediate. HelioS contributes his trademark flow, stock wordplay, and suggestive rhymes. He talks cryptically about a lost love, his perplexed life, and focusing on his rap career. A couple of noticeable lines are: “I’ll check my phone the entire day. Looking for her text. Imagining face. Her curved lips with the red curls. The same curls that frame my world. Now their gone. Anger keeps them away. I know now nothing I’ll ever say. No push it all away. I need my head clear to perform this play.” Those are some curious yet apt bars right there. In the end, this was a fair side note to HelioS’s story.

**My Two Cents: HelioS always has something unconventional to offer. So I always get a kick out of listening to his music. This record was no different. It was offbeat but still likeable. I think readers should give it a try. HelioS’s next full length project is coming soon. He’s named it sEMESTER DoS: KapSoura and the first two singles can be found on Band Camp. Readers can reach out to HelioS himself via Twitter. -MinM

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