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Louie Z – “God’s Gift” (Video)

by Miracle

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Rapper Louie Z‘s second current single / video was released earlier this month. It’s for a song called “God’s Gift.” The record itself is of a slow tempo with diverse components, spiritual background elements, and a tenacious vibe. Combine that with Louie’s determined flow & unyielding rhymes and the end result is a hit song. But is the video a hit too? Only way to find out is to watch it after the jump.

This video is a product of Steve White Films but was directed by a new face to the team, Flare The Floozy. Always cool to see a rapper put down the mic for a minute to try new things. The flick has a very sobering tone to it. The various locations are presented in overcast or dark lighting. Said locations include: the front of a looming church building, the block at night, etc. The action of the visual centers around Louie Z as he saunters throughout the city. He takes on a more inconspicuous role than usual. Often times retiring to his hoodie. The piece ends with one final ambiguous shot of a neighborhood that includes a squad car parked on the street. All in all, this was a fruitful project.

**My Two Cents: I was feeling both this song and the video. The track is hot and Floozy did a respectable job on the director tip. The scenes in front of the church were my favorite. Of the two works that Louie Z has dropped recently, I like this one the best. But readers are strongly encouraged to check out both. The other one, “Ides Of March,” can be seen here. -MinM

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