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Dark|Horse – I Hate Genres (Mash Up EP Review)

by Miracle

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I Hate Genres (listen/download)

A lot has happened since the site last heard from Milwaukee producer I.X. Matthew. He took up deejaying, started making EDM/Electronic music, reinvented himself a bit, and released a solo EP. All of this came about due to Matthew finding himself with some free time on his hands and a positive response to some musical experimenting he did at a party. The following will focus on his new identity Dark|Horse via his new EP, I Hate Genres.

I Hate Genres is an one of a kind project composed of mash-ups & edits of a collection of songs. It contains four songs total and mixes the genres of Pop, Rock, Alternative, and Hip-Hop. The premiere combination and favorite of the people is the very first track on the EP, “*Viva*La*Paris*.” The single is a blending of “Viva La Vida” by Coldplay and “N—as In Paris” by The Throne (Kanye West, Jay Z). “Viva La Vida” comes in first with “N—as In Paris” subtly playing in the background. About a minute in, “N—as In Paris” takes over but a hint of “Viva La Vida” can still be heard. This pattern repeats until almost the end. At which point, the tracks are dispersed in a fused like fashion. This gives the already eccentric composite an even more distinguished sound. As a whole, it was a well put together mash-up and it’s not hard to hear why it is such a hit amongst listeners.

Another creation that caught The Illixer‘s attention was track number three. The record is intriguingly titled, “It’s Going Down In Bankhead.” This offering puts “It’s Going Down” by Yung Joc and “Bankhead” by T.I. together. So it inadvertently serves as a nice nod to the Georgia Hip-Hop scene as well. It begins with “It’s Going Down” as vocals from “Bankhead” play in the rear. From there it makes an effortless transition to “Bankhead” as the dominant tune accented by the hook from “It’s Going Down.” A little after a minute in, the two songs play nearly simultaneously and then give way to a bit of fading. For the duration of the mix the two songs are blended in & out; and more evanescent techniques are used. The track ends with just “Bankhead” operating on it’s own. Overall, this was another superb conjoining.

**My Two Cents: So these were the cuts that stood out the most, in my opinion. Since the EP only has four songs, I figured I’d breakdown two and leave the other two for readers to indulge in by themselves. With that said, I Hate Genres in it’s entirety is a four star venture. The intermingling of the different songs was a very inventive idea and the result of each mash-up is a treat. What would be really dope now is if Dark|Horse could take that same concept apply it to some original beats and get a gifted emcee or two on board to lay down some rhymes. Here’s to hoping. In the mean time, be sure to hit up Band Camp and give I Hate Genres a listen. It is sure to generate some type of response. -MinM

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