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Strange Tang – “Career High” (Video)

by Miracle

143960341-1(Photo By Band Camp)

No Worries (preview/purchase)

Southern duo Strange Tang is just on a roll at the moment. Less than a week ago, they released a video for their single “Career High” off of their debut LP, No Worries. Since the song was one of the site’s favorites and mentioned in the previous album review, it was only right to share the video with readers. Take a look after the break.

The visuals were put together by O-BliQ and Price themselves. There is no set concept or storyline for the piece. Instead it just features the group chilling in the cut outside, on what appears to be a beautiful night. It’s a simple foundation but the added special effects take things to an entirely different level. There is a reoccurring glimpse of a wall as it is being decorated with wonderful graffiti art work. There are uniquely displayed shots of a skateboard area with flashes of a skater doing tricks. And the two’s surroundings are manipulated in an array of: lights, colors, motions, and more throughout the video. Additionally, there are some intriguing kaleidoscope style images in between the scenes too. The flick concludes with a medley of different sights, the highlight being the finished art project on the graffiti wall. As a whole, this was a very high quality viewing.

**My Two Cents: This was an awesome video. I loved all of the artistic elements. They were super creative. And I feel like the fellas themselves really embodied the laid-back free spirited nature of the record. This was an unexpected but seriously dope approach for bringing the single to life. The video more than served it’s purpose. If readers were captivated by the video too and would like more with Strange Tang, they can catch them on Facebook and Twitter. -MinM

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