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Strange Tang – No Worries (Album Review)

by Miracle

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No Worries (preview/purchase)

Strange Tang (Elevated Underground Entertainment) is an avant-garde duo with origins in Kentucky and Atlanta, consisting of members O-BliQ and Price. The meaning behind the group’s name is a “different swag.” The twosome prides themselves on truly being original and hope that their music stands out as something fresh and not just more of the same old same. Their goal is to reach and appeal to people who are in the exploratory stage of life and their personal journey. This is reflected in their song content which ranges from finding employment to fancy keg parties.They have classified their music as a “living soundtrack.” Earlier this month they dropped a new LP dubbed, No Worries. See if the album would be a fitting addition to the soundtrack of your life after the break.

“Career High”

The production here is clean. It encompasses trendy instrumentation, plush background elements, and a lax vibe. The hook is winning too. The vocals have a different flavor to them and the lyrics are simple yet addictive. The verses are enjoyable. The fellas deliver pleasant melodies and recreative themed lyrics. They fill the listener in on their idea of a good time in an extremely chill way. A couple of interesting lines include: “Tonight I’m not getting on my level. I’m getting passed that. I guess you could say I’m getting career high. Tonight if you finna have a party I’m finna crash that. If you lead the way, you know I’m yelling let’s ride.” Those are some fun free spirited bars right there. Overall, this track is on point and a favorite off of the LP.

“Country Wasted”

The production here is top-shelf. The hard foundation, savvy rhythm, slight knock, and hood vibe all fuse together properly. The hook is standard. The delivery is engaging and the lyrics are just more or less the song title repeated. The verses are sick. The guys come with uncommon flows and grade A rhymes. They paint a clear picture of what it means to get it in like only a true country boy can. A few memorable lines are: “They got them kegs in the shed by the hootch station. Cigarellos full of Keisha with my troops blazing. I swear the stallions out tonight. Like before the races. Look at mama work her a** like her occupation. Ain’t no bottles with no bubbles. We just cracking cases.” Definitely seems like they know how to live it up in the South based on those words. All in all, this is a prime offering and another favorite.

“Unfriend Me”

The production here is fair. It takes on a more delicate tone than the two previous cuts. It is made up of various lightweight musical ingredients that give a bit of an R&B type of feel. The hook is solid. The vocals are decent and the lyrics are entertaining. The verses are attention grabbing. The duo serve up graceful deliveries and candid rhymes. They speak on the all too familiar havoc that social networking sites tend to wreak on relationships. Lines worth observing include: “No I ain’t fighting her on Facebook. Name one girl that can’t look at they man wall. One status. That one post have ya off balance. She hating Brooke. Hating Sally. She hate Kelly. Hate Cali. She told me she hate stress. But can’t help but make mess.” A lot of people will be able to empathize with the situation discussed in those bars. In the end, this was an amusing yet very real record.

**My Two Cents: No Worries is a praisable album. O-BliQ and Price certainly have their own styles in more ways than one. They are pretty nice with their pen game as well. So the content is alluring. And the production is pretty valuable too. I think readers will for sure find a few tracks worth adding to their playlists and or life soundtracks. But don’t just take my word for it. Click that link and give the album an ear for yourselves. Readers can find additional info, music, and more by visiting the Strange Tang website. -MinM

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