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Kal’L – “Sharing You”

by Miracle

FacebookHomescreenImage11(Photo By Kal’L)


So R&B singer Kal’L has officially brought his new music every two weeks venture to a close. He hit the net with the final single on the 26th. The single makes for a total of nineteen that were released under the project; which originally kicked off back in January. One has to respect Kal’L for showing dedication and being able to keep up with things for all that time. Especially since he had so many other things going on. Which will be highlighted in a special New Years Day post. So be sure to check back.

This last single is entitled, “Sharing You.” The production here is ethereal. It contains a light base with poised complimentary musical components that result in a flowing vibe. The hook is succinct. The vocals are aerial with just a touch of unhappiness. The lyrics are upfront. The verses are stirring. Especially, the third verse where the production and energy seem to pick up just a little. Kal’L continues his buoyant melodies while presenting narrative lyrics. He describes a situation of suffering due to the fact that he has to share the woman he loves with her undeserving mate. He notes: “I know he’s not that blind. He can see it in your eyes. You’re back to being yourself. Despite his lies. I know he knows it’s not because of him. I’m sure by now he knows that I exist.” Just a few lines but they disclose a very powerful revelation. Overall, despite having a dismal theme, this was a grand offering and a well-suited way to end the campaign.

15494_485899864785661_511250958_n (400x148)(Photo By Carter Isonhart)

**My Two Cents: I thought this was another great story from Kal’L. I enjoyed his approach to the topic and was digging the production a lot too. I think Kal should be very proud of the way he ended his year. As hinted to in the above photo, all of  the songs from Kal’s two week releases are being placed on one mixtape for his supporters to indulge in. It’s dropping January 17 (his birthday!) and has been labeled The Campaign. It will be available via Band Camp and a little birdie told me that it’s going to be FREE. So there will be no reason not to download and support. Thanks for all the wonderful music this year, Kal’L! -MinM

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