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Louie Z – “King Sh!t” (Video)

by Miracle

397578_10200280409559175_1064272119_n(Photo By Facebook)

Southside Milwaukee representer Louie Z, has been stepping his visual game up this month while pushing some new tunes. He’s done not one but two videos with two highly respected videographers in the Mil. The first single / video is titled “King Sh!t.” The track is a respectable offering. It entails clement musical elements and a super placid vibe. The is no hook and the verses are suitable. Louie presents a levelheaded flow and honorable rhymes. He does an expert job of painting a regal depiction of himself through his words. Continue reading to see how he and Steve White brought said words to life below.


As alluded to above, Steve White is the creative mind behind this first video. The idea behind the visuals here is fairly easy to interpret. The flick more or less accentuates Louie Z amidst a couple of simple backdrops while he spits. The backdrops are mostly all outdoor settings like railroad tracks, for example. Louie also has a low-profile female companion in the piece. Everything is shot in warm rudimentary colors which seem to reflect Louie’s surroundings. The video ends with some slow motion work and then things fade to black. Overall, it was a pretty lucid effort.

**My Two Cents: I liked this video. It was simple yet effective and it served it’s purpose well. The track itself was legitimate too. Those interested can find Louie Z on the web via Twitter. Stay tuned to the site for the second video from the royal emcee. -MinM

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