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Philosopha F/ Nino Punchlines & Tree – “Everyday”

by Miracle

Streets of Chicago V3 cover(Photo By Wood B Noise Inc.)

“Everyday” F/ Nino Punchlines & Tree

Philosopha is a descriptive artist who is holding it down for Chicago, IL. With an extensive catalog and performance resume that dates all the way back to 2003, his music is said to shed light on both the good and bad aspects of the windy city. His sound is described as fun and refreshing with the ability to appeal to vast amounts of people. His main objective is to provide music that will satisfy the needs of any listener. Last month he added yet another project under his belt, Streets of Chicago – Volume 3. One of the promotional items from the offering was a track titled, “Everyday.” The song is located towards the end of the mixtape and features fellow rappers Nino Punchlines & Tree.

The production here is front-line. It contains a sunken foundation, an unwavering rhythmical pace, spirited backup vocals, and a stylish street vibe. The hook is well-made. The delivery sparks interest and the lyrics are preferential. The verses are middling. Philosopha takes the lead, Nino Punchlines can be heard on the second verse, and Tree brings it home. All three rappers came with flows that easily set them apart, modest wordplay, and garden-variety rhymes. Philosopha definitely shined though as he speaks on trying to survive his adverse surroundings. A couple of lines worth recalling are: “No matter what the genre. I’m the reason why they label me a monster. Constantly up on my hustle trying to make it out this jungle. Cause the struggle is live. Like bad news on the television keeping me high.” Likable way to kick off the verse right there. Overall, this song is deserving of some merit for sure. It was a cool way to help create anticipation for Streets of Chicago – Volume 3, which is available now via Band Camp.

**My Two Cents: This was my first time ever hearing Philosopha spit and I think he’s got some talent. He has an intriguing sound and his rhymes are steady. Might have to check out the tape and see how he carries a song by himself. For more with Philosopha, check him out on Twitter. -MinM

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