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Bass Head Music – “Kibblez N’ Bitz” (Video)

by Miracle

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Bass Head Music has had an eventful year so far. Things have settled down a bit though and so the fellas decided to put together a short video to celebrate. Also, it solidifies their reunion with member Mista Marcus. The video is for the song “Kibblez N’ Bitz” off of their debut album Dumb Hoez which can be found here. The track is paired with a fine yet peculiar and eerie beat. The content is full of the usual twisted top of the line rhymes that one can come to expect from a Bass Head Music record. See what the fellas conjured up after the break.


The video takes place in a dark setting with constantly flickering style lights. J.D. The Chief and Mista Marcus are shown in the middle of the set up. They basically just jam out simultaneously while they perform their respective parts. The lighting used creates unique silhouettes of the two and they randomly sport some interesting head gear. In addition to the duo, the infamous Bass Head Music Boombox makes a reoccurring appearance throughout the visuals too. The usually fun loving persona comes off as just a little bit scary this time around though. But that works out well as it helps to amplify the chilling theme of the flick and single. Beyond the light tricks, are some cool on screen lyric effects. The video ends with one last haunting close up of the Boombox and some minor advertising.  As a whole, this was a quick but fulfilling watch.

**My Two Cents: This was a neat piece. I love seeing J.D. and Marcus back working together. And the song is pretty solid too. Bass Head Music’s sophomore album is currently in the works as well. It has been branded Mischief & Mayhem. Readers can keep up with the progress of the LP here. Also, the guys have started an excellent new website where fans can not only get all the goodies on Bass Head Music but can check out exclusive interviews that the group has done with other people in the music world. Like The Illixer‘s own Editor-In-Chief for example. Definitely take a minute to visit / explore. And if that wasn’t enough, the gang has decided to get in on the new “Harlem Shake” dance craze. They are throwing an event this Sunday, February 24th from 10am – 11am. All the details can be found via Facebook. Have fun if you decide to participate! -MinM

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basshead February 28, 2013 - 11:45 pm

Loved this track, basshead for life! The logo for bhm is sooo sick


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