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Bass Head Music – Harlem Shake Dance Video

by Miracle


(Photo By Facebook)

Every so often, something random hits YouTube and winds up becoming a huge viral phenomenon. At the moment, that something is the reinvention of the dance the “Harlem Shake.” A Brooklyn producer by the name of Baauer released a song by the same name last May. Upon it’s initial release, it didn’t have much of an impact. However, a blogger from The Sunny Coast Skate got a hold of the track and uploaded a video of himself and his peers dancing to it earlier this month. Their video can be seen here. Since then, it has sky rocketed in popularity and everyone from college students to celebrities are making videos of their own.

Milwaukee’s own Bass Head Music decided to get in on the fun. So they set up a gathering this past Sunday (2/24). The event was open to everybody and took place at Cream City Skateboard Park in Butler, WI. They provided a bizarre collection of masks and props. The video turned out pretty well. A solid group of supporters showed up and went all out with the fellas. Of course they were led by the infamous Bass Head Music Boombox. They was also beach balls and confetti on deck. As a thank you to those who participated, Bass Head Music also put on a small performance set. All in all, it seems to have been a very entertaining venture.

**My Two Cents: This was amusing. I love the fact that Bass Head Music went for it. They had the best costumes out of all of the videos I’ve seen so far. And it just looks like everybody had a blast. I prefer the Hip-Hop version of the “Harlem Shake” myself but you can’t be mad at people who are just out to have a good silly time. Props to Bass Head Music for doing their thing! Be sure to check out their website or visit them on Facebook to stay up to date with all that they have going on. -MinM

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