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Lady Fusion – “Before The End” (Poem)

by Miracle

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Lady Fusion is a name that has been seen a couple of different times on the site. She runs a company called Urban Fusion. Under said company she manages a diverse selection of artists. The group Flo’Tron is a part of that selection. However, she is a versatile spirit in her own right and thus takes part in other activities as well. Amongst those activities is poetry. The dauntless diva dropped her first submission to the site last week. Give it a read after the jump.

“Before The End”

(Poem By Lady Fusion)

Things to get off my chest before I reach my demise!
First I ask the Lord to forgive my sins of fornication,and deceitful lies!
My cold-hearted ways-which made me hate u so much & give into my surmise!
a constant war within
Regretting my own skin
Not wanting to die in sin
Finally the Remorse sets in…..
Before the end – I’d like to be accepted with out my disguise!
Feel the freedom of not being characterized
in the comfort of you NOT attempting to patronize!

Love me or leave me – screw your worldly views and what you epitomize!
You bleed like I do – RED
Your tears taste of salt when shed
Like mine – u get lost when you’re misled!
Have u paid attention to what I really said?
You just think your so smart and wise
I wish just once you’d try & familiarize
Cause maybe you’d change your ways n stop believing the lies!
You don’t understand me, so I’m supposed to apologize?
Carry on my wayward son
& Miss me not when I’m dun
So farewell to this day n its rising sun
I’ve racked my brain to death trying not to over analyze
But the thought of u sickens me

That’s all I can vocalize
Just let me go in peace is all I ask!
Love me or leave me – hear my cries!
You mean nothing to me
But everything to him – is how he reply’s
Why torture myself feeling torn, hiding the pain u plainly see in my eyes?
Its time for me to go, can’t take no more, this is not just one of my alibi’s!
But I’m worn thin, don’t know where to begin: so I’m praying for what’s right!
My own escape
Not the god U create
Can’t let u seal my fate
I follow One who’s Great!
And my faith u could never decimate

This is a passionate and spiritual piece. The poem seemingly centers on sort of a journey of self-discovery. In the beginning the subject is dealing with a variety of different personal conflicts and by the end she has found a divine solution to them all. This journey is conveyed through strong emotional conviction and striking imagery. Overall, this is a very stirring and well thought out work.

**My Two Cents: I liked this poem. It was nicely written and I love the raw emotion that is present throughout the piece. It really gives the literature life. Also, I respect the sacred aspect within the poem. It made things that much more interesting. Especially, since a lot of people are kind of hesitant to talk about spirituality, religious topics, etc. Much love to Lady Fusion for bestowing the gift of her poetry upon the site! Make sure to follow her on Twitter. -MinM

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lady fusion August 10, 2012 - 3:54 am

Much respect mz. Leroy. My writings always been MY way of dealin with life. my outlet & music was my escape.
Ive seen alot and done alot in my time to know andback up what i speak about. The stories arent about ME perssaybut based on an emotion surrounding atype of situation be it directly or indirectly. But i thanks for takin thw time… big up for all tha love… #mke #illixer


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