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Scholar Script Sb – High Lite Real (Mixtape Review)

by Miracle

(Photo By Scholar Script Sb)

High Lite Real (listen/download)

If anybody has ever visited a local open mic or artist showcase here in Milwaukee, then they have no doubt heard of the BrewSky Ent label. It is a local company with a wide range of artists. Included in the bunch is a rapper by the name of Scholar Script Sb. Not too long ago he dropped his fourth mixtape. The tape is called High Lite Real. It is a 28 song (2 disc) project that features additional BrewSky artists along with some other well known Mil-town talents like Son Em’ All. Since there are so many tracks and it would be impossible to cover them all individually, this review will take a look at four of the ones that stand out the most.

“Side Bar”

This song opens with some rich commentary from Scholar Script Sb. Afterwards, the production kicks into full gear. It consists of a heavy knock, a contagious rhythm, and seriously hood vibe. The hook is legit. The delivery is appealing and the lyrics are basic but catchy. The verses are good. Sb has an attractive flow laced with amusement, skilled wordplay, and impressive rhymes. He does a captivating job of recounting events for the listener. Substantial lines include: “Lit up doing hand to hands with liquor blowing tropic. My DSL keep f–king up. My signal getting choppy. Hit reboot on that b—h. Grab my celly, call the number. Tell PG put me in I need to talk about this come up. This lady won’t get off the line. She b—hing bout her husband. She crying on the phone cause he told her he don’t want her.” Those details have the making of quite a story, huh? Overall, this song is a banger and a great beginning for the tape.

“Walk Away” F/ Ms. Felony

The production here is superior. It is made up of a slow tempo, soft background elements, and a smooth tone. The hook is on point. The vocals have a pleasing harmony to them and the lyrics are sincere. The verses are authentic. Sb brings on the first verse and Ms. Felony represents for the ladies on the second one. They do a realistic job of portraying a hood relationship on the rocks. Take a glimpse of the situation through Sb’s eyes: “I’m so tired of going in circles. Either fall back or I hurt you. And over time its been on my mind that I really don’t deserve you. We learn love don’t love nobody. And pain live around the corner. Can’t blame my heart for all the wrong I did. It’s all based off of choices. I’m riding on this coaster. Hoping I don’t fall off. You say that I should stay. But now I’m feeling like at what costs?” There is very expressive wording in those lines. In the end, this song is another hit. Also, a lot of people will be able to associate with this cut.

“Justice” F/ Peteie Green

The production here is strong. The sunken bass, hollow rear vocals, and other sound effects create a serious and almost militant type of vibe. The hook is decent. The delivery is clean and the lyrics are valid. The verses are sufficient. Sb steps to the mic first and Peteie Green comes in next. Both rappers present  somber flows and thought provoking rhymes. They each speak their piece on the current state of society. Some highlight lines from Sb are: “You have the right to remain silent. Cause exposing truth a only get used against you in trials. Murder isn’t the case depends on color and race. Beat it pleading self defense if a hoodie covers their face. Damn! So who is this system built to protect when every brown face is a threat?” The meaning in those lines packs quite the punch. All in all, this is an official and profound number.


The production here is of high quality. It involves a crawling pace, haunting instruments, and a somber vibe. The hook is fair. The delivery is alright but could use a little more life to it. The lyrics are simple yet likeable. The verses are solid. Sb supplies a mellow flow and adequate rhymes. He talks very openly about the vices he struggles with in order to cope with the hardships of life. He vents: “It seems sometimes like this world is moving too fast. And I need a mixture or elixir just to slow it down and catch a grasp. Better watch your step cause this high is deep. Lean low, lean low, rock-a-bye until I’m nodding real slow and I fall asleep. God knows that I hope I wake up from this. I promise if so I’ll never do this s–t again. But he know in my heart I ain’t telling the truth. Cause when the world gets hard then it’s back to double cups, taking sips just to get me loose.” Those words paint a graphic image. Overall, this song is a success and a lasting way to end the mixtape.

**My Two Cents: Scholar Script Sb has bars for days. There is no question about that. Also, he has a cool versatile flow. High Lite Real is a satisfying project. The content and features are well put together. The production is favorable. My only suggestion is because there are so many songs that maybe it should have been split into two separate tapes. That way listeners could appreciate the music more. Otherwise, High Lite Real makes the grade for the top Summer releases. But please visit Reverb Nation and have a listen for yourself. Readers can connect with Sb on Twitter. -MinM

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