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Joey Dirty Handz aka Joey D – “Schemin” (Video Bonus: Da City Behind You Cypher – Volume 1)

by Miracle

(Photo By Facebook)

“Schemin” (listen/download)

A lot has happened since the last post that featured Southside talent Joey D (BlockRockers). He teamed up with the Young Urban Society as their first official rapper. He’s been sharpening his photography and video skills. And he has a mixtape in the works. A neat aspect about the mixtape is that each song will also have a video to accompany it. The first song that Joey is pushing is called “Schemin.” The track is his take on the popular Rick Ross single “Stay Scheming.”

With that said the production is the same as the original. For those who haven’t heard it, it’s a suave little number. The beat is very laid back and contains a few different effervescent ingredients. The hook here was done in two ways. Joey D took a crack at it in between verses and then the hook from the initial version of the cut is played towards the end. Joey’s hook is fair. The sing song delivery is not quite his thing but it was a respectable try. The lyrics are brief and straightforward. The verses are fly. Joey administers a well-balanced flow, deft wordplay, and tasteful rhymes. He goes out of his way to represent for his city and parade his skills. Mentionable lines include: “Summertime’s almost here. Ya break’s over. Hustle hard nine to nine, it’s the take over. Mind focused on my grind so I stay sober. But hit the booth and let some hot bars blaze over. You on that new new but it sounds lame. You hear what’s hot and copy them, no shame. We bring that gully back, Timbo’s and skully caps.” Effortless rhyming going on in those lines. Overall, this remix is a success. Joey D definitely offered a fresh perspective on the song.

On another note, Joey took part in a major event for the Milwaukee Hip-Hop scene. Last month $killz (Sypher Squad) gathered almost every emcee in the city for one big outdoor cypher. There were a few hiccups here and there but he managed to pull it off. The event was named Da City Behind You: Cypher Volume 1. It was hosted by Sinista New Breed and Boys Like Britain. The shooting and editing were handled by: $killz, Joey D, and Daniel Maldonado. Due to the fact that there were so many artists involved, the footage had to be cut down. So it was narrowed down to the top 18 emcees. All of the participants went pretty hard. However, Gat Turner stole the moment. He snapped, hope all of the younger cats were taking notes. Readers can catch him and the other talents in the video footage below. Much props to $killz and everyone for coming together and making this happen. It was an amazing accomplishment for the Milwaukee Hip-Hop scene.


 **My Two Cents: Joey D is a talented rapper. So it was nice to hear what he can do on the solo tip. The mixtape concept with the videos sounds pretty interesting. Also, I loved the cypher. I was very proud of the unity displayed. And it was edited together nicely. The color was sharp and the transitions were clean. Big salute once again to $killz for the idea. Stay tuned to the site for more with Joey D in the future. -MinM

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