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Beanz – This Is 4 You (Mixtape Review)

by Miracle

(Photo By Reverb Nation)

This Is 4 You (listen/download)

Beanz has been mentioned on the site before a time or two. Therefore thought it would be a good idea to let readers know a little more about the female emcee and take a listen to her music. The young aspiring rapstress is originally from Michigan. She made her way to Milwaukee and quickly begin to create a name for herself in the underground/indie scene. Not only does she rap but she is a singer and songwriter as well. Operating under her brand Righteous Music Entertainment, her goal is to inspire and touch those who hear her music. She writes from the heart in a spiritual tone about subject matters that anybody can relate to and considers her music to have no restrictions. Earlier this year, she dropped a stirring project called This Is 4 You. Get the 411 on a few tracks after the break.

“Hard Work”

The production here is solid. It boasts a hefty bass line, intense background elements, and a severe tone. The hook is fair. The delivery is done with high energy. The lyrics have an admirable message behind them but could have been a little more heavy hitting. The verses are valid. Beanz dispenses a street style flow, moderate wordplay, and interesting rhymes. She makes the point very clear that she is a woman about her business. Peep it as she spits: “Why risk my position of making all these millions? Make money through the mic instead of cooking up in the kitchen. I see you couldn’t get it. I peeped your swagger. You ain’t nothing but a jacker. I call you the non-factor. I keep it moving and I’m on to the next. Follow me on Twitter, Skype, or hit me on the text. Cause things are picking up. My days go by faster. On the stage or in the studio making another slasher.” Beanz showcases a very focused mindset in those lines right there. Overall, this song is worthy of a spin or two. It has some knowledge in it and it’s properly packaged.


The production here is delightful. The various delicate musical components sound perfect together and result in a serene vibe. The hook is pleasing as well. Beanz flexes her singing skills on this one. Her vocals have a certain finesse to them. The lyrics are inspirational. The verses are refined. Beanz brings a mid-tempo flow, practical wordplay, and choice rhymes. She does an excellent job of sharing personal yet uplifting sentiments. Lines to be aware of include: “They said if God was the deejay, I’m the rhythm, life’s a dance floor. I’m a enjoy myself while I step into this new door. A lot of things are promised. But not another day. So I’m a step to the rhythm, hey that I wanna play. You’re such a debbie downer. Know that I could live without ya. When I hit that bottom had my brother say I’ll spot ya. And now it’s to the mountains. Clouds in the sky.” There is some eloquent imagery within those lines. All in all, this song is a hit and the favorite off of the mixtape.

“Heaven Sent”

The production here is ill. It was done by previously featured producer Krazi Beats of Brewed Fresh Records, LLC. It is made up of an insane knock, commanding musical elements, and an ominous vibe. The hook is dope too. The delivery has a smooth cadence to it. The lyrics are hot. The verses are top notch. Beanz sports a savvy flow with innovative rhymes. She goes hard on the track, leaving no doubt in the listener’s mind that she was blessed with the some serious abilities. Observe as she spits: “Ha, crazy. I had to go bananas. See lames they couldn’t hang. So it’s best you just skedaddle. Some just wrote me off. Now you seen what’s really good. (…) What more could you want from me? I haven’t sold my soul. Still got a good foundation. No cursing up in my flow. My word is bond. And my bond’s a strong hold. (…) Laugh if you want cause I’m not about to play with you. Pick and choose your battle. Business woman meaning business dude.” Beanz got off in those lines right there. In the end, this song is a banger and a powerful way to end the tape.


 “This Is For You” (Shot, directed, & edited by Sinista New Breed)

**My Two Cents: Beanz has crazy talent. Her vocals and her rhyming are equally impressive. This Is 4 You was a well-rounded project. Beanz had her light-hearted spirited moments but then she was able to flip it and get gutter as well. Also, love how she worked the singing into the mix. And she chose production that was very fitting for her range. I definitely think This Is 4 You has the potential to appeal to a diverse group of people. So readers should certainly give it a listen. And if they enjoy the album, they can keep up with Beanz on Facebook. -MinM

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