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Rockz Solid & Annie Mae – “Righteous Brotha” (Produced By Krazy Beatzz)

by Miracle

(Photo By Sound Cloud)

“Righteous Brotha” (Preview)

Proud Southside Milwaukee divas Rockz Solid & Annie Mae of Brewed Fresh Records, LLC have decided to come together for a collaboration album. The album is entitled The Naked Truth and is said to be a special blend of Hip-Hop and R&B. As a treat for their supporters, the duo pre-released a track called “Righteous Brotha.” It was an instant hit and it’s not too hard to figure out why.

The production here is immaculate. Krazy really did his thing. The Jazz elements combined with the Hip-Hop style bass and rhythm give off a sophisticated vibe. The hook is great too. Annie’s vocals have a soothing harmony to them and the lyrics are delightful. The verses are top of the line. Rockz blesses the cut first with her distinct flow and high quality bars. She does a nice job of letting the man in her life know just how special he is to her. Annie Mae comes in second with more of her classic raspy vocals and heartfelt lyrics. She too speaks of a beautiful type of relationship that any lady would be happy to have. Notable lines from Rockz Solid include: “Last piece to the puzzle of my life. You know me like the diary I write. Not the words I say. Read my mind by one look in my face. No one can take your place. Them shoes can’t be filled. Ya style so ill. Ya vibe is so real. Got that genuine appeal that leaves me with the chills.” Very expressive and adoring words from the usually tough female emcee. As a whole, this song has major hit written all over it and was a perfect early release for the album.

**My Two Cents: I loved this song! And I love the direction that Rockz & Annie are going in with this album. It’s something original and authentic. The music world needs more of that. The ladies are unveiling the rest of The Naked Truth via an exclusive rooftop garden album release party on September 2nd. And because Rockz & Annie have shown nothing but love since day one, The Illixer will be in the building as one of the many proud sponsors of the big event. So stay tuned for a recap of the affair and full album review. And go like the Brewed Fresh page if you haven’t already! -MinM

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