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“Awake” (Stream Here)

South-side Milwaukee talent Rockz is looking to make a big splash for the end of the musical quarter much like she did around this same time in 2017. She’s got a few things coming down the pipeline by way of singles, collabs, videos, events, etc. Included in which is a freshly released singled coined “Awake.” The track is causing quite the stir as it features Rockz playing around with auto-tune in an effort to try something different. How did The Illixer take to the South-side queen’s style switch-up? Keep reading after the break to find out.










“DJ Itchin” (previous review)

VersaStyles (iTunes)

South-side queen Rockz has finally hit the world with her first official solo album VersaStyles. The LP consists of ten total tracks, including popular single “DJ Itchin.” Additionally, the project includes production from some of Milwaukee’s best producers and guest appearances by some of the 414’s more promising talents. The Illixer got a chance to preview the collective via an exclusive release event. Discover a few of the songs that left lasting impressions and more after the break.

South-side Milwaukee veteran artist Rockz (formerly known as Rockz Solid) recently decided to officially dust off her mic & pen and come out of her self-imposed retirement. Needless to say, we the people are very pleased. To kick off her return to music, the 414 spitter debuted a single/video called “DJ Itchin.” The track is produced by Trunk Bussa with cuts from the one & only DJ Sham.

(Photo By Bee Jay Biggz) [audio m4a="http://theillixer.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/Voice_005.m4a"][/audio] "Bring That Beat Back" (original version preview) Rockz Solid On Facebook Rockz Solid On Twitter A Female Perspective Brewed Fresh Records LLC **Editor's Note: Rockz


1st Lady of Brewed Fresh Records

1st Lady of Brewed Fresh Records

With the wide variety of emcees in the world of Hip-Hop, when a woman makes an impact that impact is seen for a mile. But when that woman founds and launches her own record label, establishing a brand and a home base for herself and her fellow artists, well then that is an impact that is seen and felt by the world. Tonight we shine our spotlight on the first lady of Brewed Fresh Records, LLC. She goes by the name of Rockz Solid which is derived from the nickname Rocky she received as a child. Starting out as a member of her school choir in the sixth grade, her love for music was complete and absolute. Through the troubling years of her teens, music and poetry were the only outlets that saved her from fully being dragged down into darkness. Although she was forced to step away from the possibilities of a musical career during these years, she still secretly continued her life long love affair.