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Countdown To The Illixer’s 2 Year Anniversary Celebration – Rockz Solid (9 Days)

by Miracle

478433_416265055073648_692407199_o(Photo By Bee Jay Biggz)

“Bring That Beat Back” (original version preview)

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**Editor’s Note: Rockz Solid (Brewed Fresh Records, LL) is a well known & respected name here within the Milwaukee Hip-Hop scene. She has been doing her thing for a while now and has established quite the resume for herself. She makes music of course, does songwriting, runs her own label & studio, manages a small collective of artists, hosts, puts together elite events, and those are just her entertainment based endeavors. Through it all and in the course of The Illixer‘s two years of being active, she has been a faithful & loyal supporter of the site. Be it a mention in her music, reading & commenting on articles, or just helping to spread the word, she goes above and beyond to show love. So I am always happy to return the favor. Thus I knew without a doubt that she had to be a part of this year’s anniversary event. Check out what I had to say about the energetic Hip-Hop talent via the above commentary. Also if you don’t visit any other link, be sure to visit A Female Perspective. It’s Rockz’s new blog-site. She tackles issues in Hip-Hop, shares personal sentiments, reviews music, posts videos, and more all from the point of view of a woman immersed in the culture. It’s a pretty dope read. Additionally, she is hosting a mixtape release party with DJ Sham coined #BackToGoldCity on the 22nd at Bamboo Lounge Milwaukee. The Illixer is a proud VIP sponsor of the affair. Peep the details here. And of course the two year anniversary celebration is right around the corner. So see you all next Friday (12/13)! -MinM

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