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Rockz – “DJ Itchin” (Song & Video)

by Miracle

South-side Milwaukee veteran artist Rockz (formerly known as Rockz Solid) recently decided to officially dust off her mic & pen and come out of her self-imposed retirement. Needless to say, we the people are very pleased. To kick off her return to music, the 414 spitter debuted a single/video called “DJ Itchin.” The track is produced by Trunk Bussa with cuts from the one & only DJ Sham.

The production here is legit. It entails: a subtle framework, sleek background ingredients, an easy going tempo, and an Urban vibe. The hook is made up of the aforementioned DJ cuts. The verses are fresh. Rockz lights up the beat with an edgy flow, sharp wordplay, and no-nonsense rhymes. She’s feeling some kind of way and does not bite her tongue as she paints a clear distinction between herself and the basic females & artists that exist in the game. She goes in with lines like: “I’m too f–king real. Real down to the roots. Only rock with the realest and these b—hes ain’t true. F–k with a few females. Matter fact, about two. Cause they’ll switch up, they’ll twist up, got a few screws loose. Acting all baby mama. Girl swerve with yo drama. I keep s–t chill but I’ll flip out if I wanna.” There is no questioning the hard hitting nature of those bars right there. As a whole, this is a great comeback record.

The video for “DJ Itchin” is shot by CTM Films. It is a quick yet fitting piece for the single. The concept for the visual simply centers around Rockz being in her elements. She shows support for a local business, she kicks it with some of her peers (We see you DJ Cell, lol), and she fully embraces her South-side as well as old school roots. Everything comes off as very organic and natural. Makes for a very appealing watch. Overall, this is a choice little flick.

**My Two Cents: This moment was long overdue. There are other female artists doing their thing in the Milwaukee music scene, but no one brings what Rockz does to the table. Her passion, pure artistry, and determination to stay true to herself are much needed in this industry. She didn’t try to conform to what everyone else is doing these days with “DJ Itchin.” She just went with what works best for her and she nailed it. The video is doing numbers daily as well as making it’s way through various media outlets. I love it and can’t wait to see what else Rockz has in store for us over these next couple of weeks. I hear a new video as well as a full length project are on the horizon. So be sure to check out the link at the start of the post to stay up to date on everything. Welcome back Rockz, we missed you! -MinM

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