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Spotlight On The Women Of Hip-Hop: Rockz Solid (Brewed Fresh Records, LLC)

by Miracle
1st Lady of Brewed Fresh Records

1st Lady of Brewed Fresh Records

With the wide variety of emcees in the world of Hip-Hop, when a woman makes an impact that impact is seen for a mile. But when that woman founds and launches her own record label, establishing a brand and a home base for herself and her fellow artists, well then that is an impact that is seen and felt by the world. Tonight we shine our spotlight on the first lady of Brewed Fresh Records, LLC. She goes by the name of Rockz Solid which is derived from the nickname Rocky she received as a child. Starting out as a member of her school choir in the sixth grade, her love for music was complete and absolute. Through the troubling years of her teens, music and poetry were the only outlets that saved her from fully being dragged down into darkness. Although she was forced to step away from the possibilities of a musical career during these years, she still secretly continued her life long love affair.

In 2009, little Rocky came back in full force as Rockz Solid by opening a recording studio and launching a label that would become home to her fellows in which she saw the same love that burned in her heart. The perfection of her first solo effort was a process that lasted two years and resulted in the April 2011 release of the album For The Love. The main single of the project, “Pressure,” was produced into a video featuring Pudj and released a few months after. In 2012, Rockz released a collaboration project with Milwaukee R&B artist Annie Mae titled The Naked Truth in a wake of much anticipation. Her lyrical variety is as great as her song themes with tracks tackling topics like: domestic violence, hard core drug use, and community outreach. Thus allowing her to work with a variety of artists like: Trunk Bussa of DBFG,  Sinista New Breed of The Young Urban Society, Hektik & Bad Newz of Street Team Inc, and more, with many of these songs being used by community outreach centers free of charge.

The impact that Rockz Solid has had on the world of Hip-Hop is clearly substantial and her drive is an inspiration to all the young budding female emcees that proudly are following in the path that she has cleared in the world. ~Biggz

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