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“Killing These Lames” F/ J.D. “The Chief” (preview)

Mista Marcus & J.D. “The Chief” have had quite a hectic year. But they’ve managed to hang in there and keep pushing forward. Back in October they opened up for the legendary Tech N9ne and this month they will grace the same stage as indie Hip-Hop favorites Rittz and Snow Tha Product in Ohio. In addition to continuing to kill stages together, they are still putting out dope music as well. This made evident in their current collaborative effort, “Killing These Lames.” The single was produced by DJ Penetration and will appear on Mista Marcus’ upcoming EP, International Affairs: Volume 1.

The production here is eclectic. The dominating bass, groovy Rock style background components, median tempo, and no-nonsense vibe make for a champion mixture. The hook is valid too. The delivery is orderly and the lyrics are easily retained. The verses are favorable. Mista Marcus sets the tone and J.D. polishes things off. Each artist comes with a consummate flow, certified wordplay, and optimum rhymes. They send out a very clear message to those that they don’t associate with like that; while at the same time painting an image of a lifestyle that is the exact opposite of lame. A handful of lines worth taking in from Mista Marcus are: “All I know is get money. F–k a hoe. Work a b—h. If she ain’t got my money than a n—a might murk a b—h. Getting paid but I don’t slave like you working pricks. I just go hard everyday until I’m f–king rich. Living lovely, counting money, while ya b—h suck my dick. If this ain’t the life then I don’t wanna f–king live. Cause all I know is having no dough growing up poor. Fast forward now I’m on tour doing much more than the average Joe.” Those bars provide a turned up version of the usually laid back 414 talent. All in all, this song is a banger and a wise way to build buzz for the pending EP.

**My Two Cents: This is a dope record to me. I really appreciate the more Rock style production paired with the more Hip-Hop style content. The different sounds came together nicely. Plus, Marcus and J.D. nailed it as usual. I was especially feeling the frankness they came with. I definitely plan on checking out International Affairs: Volume 1 when it drops. Be sure to keep up with those links in the post to stay up to date with the fellas future: releases, videos, shows, and more. -MinM