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Bobby V Presents: Journey To Peach Moon (Web Series – Episodes 4 & 5)

by Miracle

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Singer Bobby V has released the next couple of episodes in his hit web series, Journey To Peach Moon. Episode four is titled “Vibe.” Bobby sits down with Ben and discusses the development process for the upcoming EP. He places emphasis on the fact that he didn’t want to rush anything for Peach Moon. He wanted everything to be done with the right feeling and moment. As he is sharing, clips are shown of him in a room writing and working with his band. The viewer gets a nice little taste of what happens when musicians come together and just immerse themselves in music and creativity. The clip ends with an extended preview of the song created during the flick. Watch it all go down below.

Episode five is labeled “Recording.” This one jumps right into footage of Bobby V in the studio working on vocals for a track with songwriter and vocal arranger Jeff B. He goes through a couple of takes before they settle on one and the camera moves on. The next scene shows Bobby sitting at a table surrounded by his team. The group discusses what it’s like to deal with Bobby in the studio and the different approaches to making R&B music. The video ends in the same manner as the previous episode. All in all, it was a brief yet decent entry.

**My Two Cents: I enjoyed both of these episodes. I think entry number four is my favorite thus far though. I love the rapport that Bobby has with his band. It was really intriguing to see them all jamming out together. And I dig his whole theory of taking the time to find a vibe to create music instead of just throwing something together to get it done. Episode six will hit the web tomorrow. So be sure to check back or keep an eye on Bobby V’s YouTube channel. And the Peach Moon EP will be available on December 12th, so mark those calendars as well. -MinM

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