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Rockz – “Awake”

by Miracle

“Awake” (Stream Here)

South-side Milwaukee talent Rockz is looking to make a big splash for the end of the musical quarter much like she did around this same time in 2017. She’s got a few things coming down the pipeline by way of singles, collabs, videos, events, etc. Included in which is a freshly released singled coined “Awake.” The track is causing quite the stir as it features Rockz playing around with auto-tune in an effort to try something different. How did The Illixer take to the South-side queen’s style switch-up? Keep reading after the break to find out.

The production here is organic. The tidy foundation, reserved musical ingredients, unhurried pace, and emotional vibe all mesh together in a very natural fashion. The hook is adequate. The delivery is slightly quirky and the lyrics are gripping. The verses are expressive. Rockz serves up a melodic auto-tune dressed flow with deeply personal lyrics. She gives a vivid picture of what it’s like to love and put your all into the wrong person. A highlight from her intimate reflection includes: “But I hope you find someone even half as dope as me. Mothaf—as out here sleeping. Ain’t even half as woke as me. When you really a boss don’t nothing feel like a loss. If love don’t cost a thing then why I’m paying with my all? And I’m really a boss so I accept all my flaws. Don’t throw that s–t in my face cause I’m a catch what you toss.” Those lines perfectly embody the pain that a failed love can cause as well as the strength that can result from it. As a whole, “Awake” turns out to be a pretty good experiment from Rockz.

**My Two Cents: I love when artists step outside of their comfort zones to try new things. We all know Rockz for having a classic flow with an unique tone to it. So I get why some people might have a hard time hearing her in a different sound. But I thought it was dope. Additionally, she’s usually pretty tough and blunt. I enjoyed the softer more vulnerable route that she took with the subject matter as well. I’m here for “Awake” and can’t wait to experience everything else that Rockz is brewing up. -MinM

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