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Snow Tha Product – “Goin’ Off” (Song & Video)

by Miracle

“Goin’ Off” (Stream Here)

The infamous Snow Tha Product is kicking off her final quarter with some new music and a new tour for the Winter season. Her latest effort is entitled “Goin’ Off” and it is produced by DJ Pumba. Rumor has it that the single serves as her ode to being freshly released from a deal and being free to return back to her indie artist roots. Which has been a long time coming.

The production here is fresh. The ample bass-line, spirited musical details, contagious rhythm, and West Coast style vibe make for a winning pairing. The hook is a gem too. The delivery is full of personality and the lyrics are clear-cut. The verses are snazzy. Snow Tha Product comes through with an energetic flow, colorful wordplay, and likable rhymes. She’s definitely in high spirits and has a lot to say. Take note as she spits: “Look I’m a need 100 bottles cause I got up out a deal. And give me 50 feet of space. Lil b—h back it up a little. And f–k a table, I need sections. Half the club to keep it real. And I can finally admit it. B—h I made a couple mil. And b—h I need to call my jeweler. Tell JP to get my grill.” One can not deny the lit nature of those bars right there. All in all, this is a hype track.

The video for the record is just as lively. The flick is directed by Snow’s Woke Productions imprint and it is comprised of two main set ups. One features Snow cruising and playing around in a mini Mercedes-Benz truck. The other set up features Snow zoning out in residential areas as she performs. Both are accented via a very adorable cameo appearance by a puppy decked out in a cow costume. And there are a couple of noteworthy special effects in the mix as well. The vision concludes with Snow pushing the camera away and then the viewer being privy to some behind the scenes footage/bloopers. As a whole, this is a highly entertaining watch.

**My Two Cents: Readers know that I’m always here for any and everything Snow Tha Product. “Goin’ Off” is no exception. I live for the energy of the instrumental and the content is refreshing. Snow definitely is well within her rights to talk a little trash and brag a bit. She’s got the skills as well as the work ethic to back it all up. Shame on the company who couldn’t do right by her contract. Congrats to her on her freedom though. The video is great too. She kills it in that Benz and her swag is unmatched. It’s impossible to watch her grooving and not join in. Anyone needing a boost should check out “Goin’ Off” pronto. -MinM

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