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Tr3y – Scary Hours (Mixtape Review)

by Miracle

After going through a few artistic challenges, Milwaukee singer Tr3y is back with a brand new mixtape. He teamed up with West Coast sensation DJ Draulikz for a Fall collective with a nod to Halloween entitled Scary Hours. It’s an 11 track collective that features a variety of samples from industry hits and a word or two from another 414 talent, Cardiac Da Pulse. So did Tr3y and his team pull off of a project that should have your favorite artist feeling a little uneasy? Continue reading after the break to find out.


This selection serves as a Treymix of “Esskeeit” by peculiar rapper Lil Pump. The production here stays true to the original tune. Which isn’t a bad thing. The original instrumental has a booming bass and savvy supporting elements that give it an appealing vibe. The hook switches things up a tad. Tr3y delivers clean vocals and slightly flashy lyrics. There is only one verse present on this track. The verse is of an a-1 quality. Tr3y slides through with smooth vocals and continues to play on the flaunting nature that’s established in the hook. He croons: “North-side, West-side, South-side, East-side; I’m from Mil-Town. I rep all sides. You get mad when yo girl say hi. I hit it, quit it, then I say bye.” Just a few lines but they provide a bold attention grabbing opening to the verse. In the end, this is a fly take on the Lil Pump joint. Nice work Tr3y!

“Pull Up” F/ Cardiac Da Pulse

The production here is sleek. The low lying foundation, subtle background components, measured tempo, and mellow vibe work effortlessly together. The hook is valid as well. The vocals are mint and the lyrics are transparent. The verses are fitting. Tr3y knocks out the first portion of the song and Cardiac wraps things up on the second half. Tr3y utilizes suave melodies while Cardiac enlists a polished flow. And both gentlemen indulge in the use of grown & sexy style lyrics. They paint an expressive picture of how they get down when it comes to pleasing the ladies. A sprinkling from Tr3y’s illustration includes: “She know I’m a put it down every time I come in town. You sending emojis like you with the s–ts. Stop playing, stop playing, girl you want the dick.” One has to appreciate the upfront nature of those lines right there. All in all, this is a legit number and one of the site’s favorites.

“That’s On Me”

This is the final track on the tape and it boasts some influence from “That’s On Me” by rapper Yella Beezy. The production here is solid. The infrastructure has a nice little knock to it, the secondary musical ingredients are glossy, the rhythm is breezy, and the vibe is magnetic. The hook is where the aforementioned influence shines most. It is delivered in an easy going fashion with straight to the point lyrics. This is another cut where only one verse is crafted. The verse is of a complimentary nature. Tr3y gives the listener plush harmonies with grandstanding lyrics as he speaks on spoiling the special lady in his life. Lines such as: “Stacks on stacks on stacks, I got racks on racks on racks. My girl popping popping tags (yeah). She just wanna brag. Tell her girls about her man. That’s why I’m out here chasing bands (yeah). Oops my bad, my bad. Man you wish you ever had a girl as bad as that (yeah). That’s why I put her on a pedestal;” will have the ladies wishing they were the lucky girl and the fellas looking to step their game up. As a whole, this is a top notch way to conclude the mixtape.

**My Two Cents: Scary Hours is a great return to the R&B community for Tr3y. He and DJ Draulikz feed off of one another well. They chose beats and samples that suit Tr3y’s style quite nicely. And I love the fact that the project is not riddled with guest appearances. Cardiac holds it down though. With that said, I do feel like the project could’ve been just a tad stronger lyrically. Tr3y is a writer and he’s a vet in this game, so my expectations are a little high in that department. But it doesn’t take anything away from the collective. Readers need to check out Scary Hours asap and warn their faves that Tr3y is back and ready to reclaim his rightful place among the best of the best in the music scene. -MinM

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