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Inferno & Trunk Bussa F/ Bizal McLoud & Chickey – “Never Sleep”

by Pooh Bailey

When Inferno, Truck Bussa, Bizal McLoud, and Chickey get together, you will “Never Sleep.” That’s whats happening with this new posse cut by these aforementioned artists. Off the upcoming joint project from Inferno and Trunk Bussa called, IDC – I Don’t Care.“Never Sleep” is the first offering from the veteran 414 duo. Produced by OneWay, “Never Sleep” is a mellow track that will having you in search of a Red Bull.

From the start, the production for this track is A-1. I  can easily imagine either Kid Cudi or Lil Uzi Vert murdering this track. But there was no need. Each artist attacked this track and made us hungry for more. That is what made this track have replay value. Each artist held their own and made you rewind the track to re-listen to that last bar that you just had to catch. Not everybody can make a standout posse cut, but Inferno and Trunk Bussa can. That is why “Never Sleep” should be a contender for the site’s ‘Songs of the Year’ list for 2018. And no, this isn’t a ‘turn up’ song. It’s a ‘ride out’ song. It’s a ‘leaving the after-set’ song. That is what makes it great. Not doing the same track that everybody else is doing. Being different. And being different can just be mellowing out and still never sleeping. –Pooh Bailey

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