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Blazing The Money Green Campaign Trail: $hamrock aka Yung Irish (Q&A)

by Miracle

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“Money Callin” F/ Jelly Roll (Preview)

Money Green (iTunes Pre-Order)

“I really want it to motivate people to go after success. The world defines success as money but I define success as achieving goals. We have to get money to survive, that’s the world we live in, but it’s how we go about it. This is real get money music, it’s not watered down for radio, it’s just real as shit!” – $hamrock (Goal Behind Money Green) / Back in March, Southern emcee $hamrock began spreading the word that he would be dropping his sophomore album sometime this Summer. Now the big day is right around the corner and he’s on a mission to get the word out in every way possible. So of course he hit up one of his favorite Mid-West blogs to share a few details such as: how he feels about the dreaded “sophomore jinx,” what is was like working with Southern great Jelly Roll, and a whole lot more. Peep all the details of his brand new Q&A after the break.

The Illixer: You kicked off the Money Green album campaign with a t-shirt venture. How did that turn out and did you accomplish what you wanted to with it?

$hamrock: The response was great, it raised awareness immediately for the next project with the title “Money Green” being included on it and the color being green as well all to tie it in. But it gave my supporters a chance to represent my music which I never offered merchandise before. I got folks all ages and colors rocking ‘em (lol).

TI: What was the inspiration behind the title of the upcoming LP?

$ham: I came up with the Money Green title because I wanted to play on the things I’m synonymous for. Tha WyteRapper $how was the perfect title for last year’s album because of working with Wyte Music and it was my first retail album since the VH1 show. Money Green is what the game brings; it’s also what people know me for. Winning the 100 g’s on the show. And it gives me an opportunity to talk about the effect of money and what it brings. People who think I’m rapping about lavish stuff will be surprised, because I really took it back to the block with this album.

TI: When artists release their second album, it is said that they are at risk for the “sophomore jinx.” Do you have any fears about the success of Money Green? Why or why not?

$ham: I don’t because I have been working with so many amazingly talented people on this album and I’m in a new level in my career and my life so my confidence is sky high. I’m more confident now in my abilities then I was when I was more famous! Plus my producers like Big Boi, Luney Tunez, Ribah, & The Avengerz make me sound incredible.

TI: Why was “Money Callin” chosen as the first leak off of the album?

$ham: It’s just super catchy and it’s a song that says basically “I’m about to get it” which is how we feel. Luney Tunez has been buzzing crazy with the Future records and the track he gave me was crazy. Jelly Roll laced the feature and fans have been waiting to see us do something together just us two so it was perfect timing.

TI: Jelly Roll is a huge name in the independent Hip-Hop world, especially in the south. What was it like to be able to create and record with him?

$ham: Jelly’s such a beast and works insanely fast. We caught a vibe in the studio and within moments I had the idea for the hook. He laid his verse first and freestyled the whole thing, like no pad, no nothing. It probably took him all of three takes to do his verse, start to finish, adlibs and everything. I wrote my verse in about 15 min, laid it down and my boy KD from The Avengerz made it sound epic!

TI: What are some things that you learned while working on Tha WyteRapper $how that you were able to put to use this second time around?

$ham: Basically the entire process. I knew what to anticipate because the first album happened so fast and was a new process to me. Everything has been so much smoother from recording to publicity, I just know in advance what I will need before the album comes out. I also know what to stress about and what to let go, which helps a lot (lol).

TI: What part of putting the new album together did you enjoy the most and why?

$ham: I just loved working with the whole camp: Lil Wyte, Partee, Miscellaneous, Thug Therapy, everyone is so dope. I got to work with Amber Cheri again and write a hook for her, she’s insane with the vocals. I got to work with legends like Lord Infamous and Frayser Boy and just soaking up the game from the greats is always great. I came to Ribah & Luney with concepts for records and we executed them. I got to work with Big Boi this time who did the whole Still Doubted cd, so I feel like I got to craft the details more.

TI: Share some of your favorite lyrics from the Money Green album either by you or by a guest artist and explain why you chose them.

$ham: Let’s see, Miscellaneous’ verse on “Like Magic” is crazy, you have to rewind the whole thing. On that same song Luney has some crazy punchlines. E & Ace have some crazy punchlines on “Ridin”, I know E said: “Ass naked ice on my wrist, so I bare arms.” And that line is crazy it has like three meanings in one. Ace said “All about my come-up like a n—a under water.” Which is a super dope punchline. My favorite lyrics from me, on “Ridin” I say: “In 07 I popped, 2012 they checkin’ now. No matter how you say & no matter how you play it, I’m the first white boy from the A to put a record out.” And that line means a lot to me too.

TI: What is something that you would like to achieve with the upcoming album that you didn’t get to accomplish with Tha WyteRapper $how?

$ham: Hmmm, I think I achieved what I wanted with the Tha WyteRapper $how. With this album Money Green it’s just growth, consistency, and still trying to capture a sound that’s classic but cutting-edge. A combo of ATL & Memphis and just continuing to sharpen my lyrics and flows.

TI: It’s no secret that you are always working. So after things die down with the new album, what’s your next move?

$ham: I will throw myself into promoting other projects that are coming out on Wyte Music Records as everyone has into mine. In the mean time, we have some film opportunities that are starting to develop that I would definitely love to be in on the creative process on! I will also be working on my first book which has no release date lol, I’m going to take my time with it. And I will always be reading The Illixer!!!

**My Two Cents: Another fun informative interview from one of my favorite artists. Gotta feel the love at the end! “Money Callin” can be previewed via the provided link. The people know their stuff because $ham and Jelly made for a very dope collaboration. Give it a listen if you haven’t already. Also, be sure to show some Wyte Music / Sham Fam pride and pre-order Money Green via iTunes too! And if readers want to help $ham spread the word about the album, they can add him on Facebook or follow him on Twitter to find out how they can contribute. Don’t forget to check back for the upcoming Money Green album review as well. -MinM

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